This Week’s Selection of PV’s – 31/3/09

31 03 2009

Here’s my 5 PV’s for you to check out this week:


This was the last single by the prolific group Southern All Stars before they took an extended hiatus. Who knows when they’ll be back again?


This great song by Mr Children was also the ending theme to the dorama Code Blue.


Sadly this idol group is no longer active but here’s a reminder of how good they were.

4. BEFORU – Strike Party

This idol group is now unrecognisable from their debut as there’s been so much chopping and changing in their lineup plus they’ve changed labels from AVEX to Gambit. This song, Strike Party was their 2nd single to be released.


Voice actress Aya Hirano is probably best known to fans in the West as the voice behind the popular anime characters Haruhi Suzumiya and Konata Izumi from Lucky Star but she’s also a pretty good singing star in her own right.

Hope you enjoyed my selection. There’ll be more next week.

High Kick Girl Promo

28 03 2009

I am so looking forward to seeing this kick ass Japanese movie starring 17 year old karate champion Rina Takeda. It might be low budget but I just don’t care. I’m all for a cute schoolgirl beating the crap out of some people and boy, does she get some height on some of those kicks! I don’t even know when the movie’s being released.


I’m not sure if it’s going to upstage the Thai martial arts/actioner Chocolate which I watched last year. It’s gonna take something to best Jeeja Yanin, she was just awesome in that movie. Have a look at the trailer for High Kick Girl below:

EDIT: For those that are planning to watch this movie specifically for the sight of AKB48 member Sayaka are going to be disappointed with her role. It’s a blink or you’ll miss it cameo in a fight with the main character. Was it worth her time and effort to even bother turning up for the role? I don’t think so but perhaps she had more scenes that were sadly cut out of the movie. The movie itself is rather good though the annoying slo-mo replay of the fights get tiresome after a while.

Top 10 H!P Members

28 03 2009

Over at Paul Thomas’ excellent Hello!Blog there’s a poll running at the moment where you can choose from the many groups and soloists who is your favourite top 10 members in H!P. For some it will take a while pondering and to select their favourites but for me it didn’t take that long. Here’s my selection below:

I think I’ve told my reasons in a previous post why Mikitty is no.1. Some people love her, some people hate her – she’s always been her own person and speaks her mind. She’s just honest and that’s another reason why I love her. Let’s not forget that she’s got a great singing voice too!

Sayu at no.2 is not only cute but she’s deceivingly intelligent with a good sense of humour. I like girls with humour. Her singing voice is improving a bit judging by her solo track on MM’s Platinum 9 album.

I’ll quickly go through the rest: Airi and Maimi have been my top duo in C-ute so they had to be in my top 10. Mano Erina is the top soloist in H!P right now and she is just so adorable. Risako is my only pick from Berryz. Yossie is an old fave from her MM days (when she was a comedy genius) and Mari is the woman that got me interested in H!P in the first place all those years ago so I’ve always had a soft spot for her. Rounding off the top 10 at no.9 is JunJun with her love for bananas and her deadpan humour and lastly the beautiful Aya Matsuura. I just haven’t been a fan of her past 3 albums I’m sorry to say (slow, plodding and dull) but I really liked her first couple of albums.

It’ll be interesting to see the results of the poll when it comes out.

Mari Yaguchi – Seishun Boku PV

28 03 2009

Here’s the PV to Mari Yaguchi’s new single Seishun Boku which was released this week. Looks like they haven’t spent that much on it at all so I’m really disappointed. Another gripe is that when she performed it live for the 1st time on Hexagon II she was shouting and I thought it was nerves and all that but even in the released version it’s the same – like she’s straining her voice at times. Mari has got a beautiful voice and this song doesn’t do it justice whatsoever. I still like the song but I hope they pick something that showcases her vocal talent better next time.

New H!P Unit – Guardians 4

27 03 2009

A new unit has been announced for Hello!Project and their name is Guardians 4 based on some characters in the Shugo Chara anime which I’ve never seen. The new unit consists of Aika Mitsui, Risako Sugaya, Saki Nakajima and Yurina Kumai.

Their 1st single “Omakase! Guardian” will be released on May 27th but you’ll be able to hear the song when it becomes the new opening theme for Shugo Chara from April 4th.


AKB Idoling!!! – Chuu Shiyou ze PV

26 03 2009

As promised a couple of weeks ago, I did say that I’d post the full PV once it came out on Youtube so here it is for everybody to enjoy.

AKB48’s Yuki Kashiwagi Becomes Weather Presenter!

26 03 2009

One of Team B’s member – 17 year old Yuki Kashiwagi has been given a role as a weather caster on the TBS late morning show Hiroubi and she’ll appear every Wednesday and Thursday from next week when the show begins on March 30th.

Bit of a strange decision to pick a schoolgirl to give the weather forecast but if it attracts the wota to view the show and push the ratings up I guess it’s not a bad move.