AKB48 Ponytail to Shushu 6th Day Sales

31 05 2010

Another milestone has been broken by AKB48 today when they went through the 500k barrier. There was a bit of a drop in sales with 18,560 sold. Now the grand total stands at 501,641. What a week it’s been for the girls. This is simply fantastic.

AKB48 Ponytail to Shushu 5th Day Sales

30 05 2010

Just a slight drop in sales today with 23,418 copies sold to bring the grand total up to 483,081. I would imagine it’ll be tomorrow when they break the 500k barrier. I guess their appearance on Music Station the other night has really helped them to maintain sales over the weekend.

Shukan AKB 28th May Summary

29 05 2010

Right I’ve decided to start summarising each week’s Shukan AKB just as I’m doing with AKBingo so let’s begin with yesterday’s episode:

It was a continuation from last week in which certain members are given a challenge to complete. They’re allowed 90 mins to practice before they have to do the challenge in front of their peers and Speedwagon in the studio.

First up today is Jurina. She had to do exactly as what Kojima did for a recent AKBingo challenge and that is to pull a cloth from a table without tipping over glasses. Jurina starts very confident and has no problem in managing to pull a cloth with 1 or 3 glasses or even with some plates. She does fail however when the cloth is changed and there’s a full compliment of 8 glasses on the table. Can she pull it off in the studio? I thought this challenge was even more difficult than Kojima’s because not only are there 8 wine glasses, 2 plates with food and some cutlery on the table but the wine glasses are half full of wine. Now that is tough but you know what. It’s no sweat to her as she manages to do it quite easily. Jurina is bloody awesome.

The 2nd challenge is for Sasshi. Her challenge is to pull a white rubber glove over her head and blow it up using her nose until it explodes in 1 minute or less. In her early practices the glove keeps breaking because of her nails so she cuts them. It doesn’t look good as she doesn’t manage to keep hold of the glove long enough when she’s blowing it up. It keeps flying off her head. Let’s hope she gets it right in the studio! It’s time for her to go and it starts out looking good as the glove keeps expanding and expanding. The clock is ticking down and finally the glove explodes. Sasshi succeeded with barely 2 seconds to spare. She cried tears of joy afterwards. Good on ya Sasshi!!

Challenge no 3 is for Kitarie and she has to learn how to play the flute. Her tutor is Nito Moeno who’s pretty nifty at playing the flute. Kitarie is a complete novice on the instrument and it shows. She’s finding it very difficult to get a sound out of the instrument even with Moeno showing her how it’s done. The frustration is getting to her as you can see tears forming in her eyes but finally she manages to get a sound or two. Is it good enough to clear the challenge in the studio? Well she does manage to do half a scale on the flute but it’s not very convincing and Kitarie fails on her challenge. Never mind Kitarie.

The final challenge on this week’s show goes to Takamina. She has to balance on a large beach ball and move it with her feet for 3 metres whilst also twirling a baton in her hand. Her tutor is a circus clown. She doesn’t do that well in practice but I had every confidence in Takamina completing this one. In the studio she’s away and the look on her face is intense as she’s concentrating so hard but Takamina manages to complete the challenge. Attagirl Takamina, that was immense!!

Shukan AKB News – more on the senbatsu election and the date of the final result which is on 9th June and a small preview of the Majijo Teppen Blues PV and it’s over for this week’s show.

Next week: more challenges for more members.

AKB48 Ponytail to Shushu 4th Day Sales

29 05 2010

Today there was only a very slight drop in sales from yesterday. The number sold was 27,112 copies so now the grand total stands at 459,663. Hitting 500k is now a certainty but how many days will it take them to achieve that?

AKB48 Ponytail to Shushu 3rd Day Sales

28 05 2010

We’re into the 3rd day for sales and it was another drop today – this time by 20k . The sales figures were actually 28,671 copies. So now the grand total stands at 432,551. I’m hoping that 450k can be achieved by the end of the first week.

AKBingo 26th May Summary

27 05 2010

We have a brand new title sequence for today’s show. It’s round 4 of the Dodgeball Punishment game in this week’s episode and we have 2 teams of six members:

White Team: Yuko, Moeno, Sasshi, Myao, Acchan and Ami Maeda.

Pink Team: Kojima, Akicha, Takamina, Mayu, Kumi Yagami and Ayaka Kikuchi.

The referees on the sidelines are Yukirin and Komori

1st Punishment – Akicha is the first one out after trying to catch a ball but failing to do so. She has to pick up a lizard from it’s tank and hold it close to her whilst Kiyoshi takes a picture of them. She did rather well I thought.

2nd Punishment – Sasshi is out after Komori does a funny turn as one of the referees with her flag. I find Komori to be such an entertaining girl!! Sasshi has to eat a whole peeled lemon. She has some difficulty and is actually gagging whilst eating it!!

3rd Punishment – Takamina is the next to go. Her punishment involves her kneeling on the floor whilst Kiyoshi is wielding a plastic sword above her head. She’s supposed to grab the sword before it hits her head but fails and gets smacked right in the middle of her temple!! Takamina is laughing on the floor after she’s been hit.

4th Punishment – Kojima is gone and she has to eat something that pongs like a stinky pair of socks. What’s the thing she has to eat? Anybody any ideas? She takes a sample and eats it but hates the taste. Yuko looks concerned from the sidelines!

5th Punishment – Mayu is eliminated and she has to have her face painted. She’s not too keen at all and looks like she’s crying! I have no idea the character they painted her face to look like.

6th Punishment – Moeno who hasn’t looked happy at all in this game is made to be even more unhappy after being the next to face the axe. Her punishment is a face imprint. Her face gets painted in ink and then she has to drop her face into a cloth so that the imprint of her face comes out on the cloth.

7th Punishment – SKE member Kumi Yagami has to endure the worst punishment of the day in my opinion after being the next one to be eliminated. She has to eat an omelette which is filled with ant larvae. It looks totally disgusting but fair play to Kuumin she did extremely well. I don’t think I would have eaten the damn thing.

8th Punishment – Electric shock via a vandegraph generator. Acchan is out. Considering that Erepyon yelped like crazy in this punishment the last time, Acchan did much better than her.

At the end of the game the winners with 3 members remaining are the White Team with Mayu taking the overall MVP award.

Next up is Phrasemuseum between Yukirin and Sumire Sato. Sato wins.

There’s a live performance of Ponytail to Shushu before the show gets ready to wrap for another week but not before an announcement about the senbatsu election and a plug on the AKBingo book.

Next week’s show has 2 very special guests – the Kameda brothers who are boxers. I’ve never heard of them!

AKB48 Ponytail to Shushu – 2nd Day Sales

27 05 2010

Well as expected, I knew there was going to be a huge fall in sales figures today but I thought that 100k would be sold. Instead the actual figure is 49,447 copies sold meaning that the grand total stands at 403,850. That’s another barrier smashed for AKB48 – 400k! I expect another dip for tomorrow but it would be great if they could maintain this kind of sales for the next 2 days so that they could break through the 500k barrier by the end of the first week. I can only live in hope!