AKB48 Top 10 Members (December 2012)

31 12 2012

Yes I’m still alive just not posting much on this site that’s all.

Has it been 12 months since I last did a Top 10 AKB48 members list? During the last year, 2 members from my last list have graduated from AKB48 and gone to other groups. Sasshi has moved to Fukuoka to join HKT48 after her big scandal and Harugon has even moved country to China to be with Sae and SNH48.

Without further ado here’s my Top 10 countdown:


Wasamin 2012
2012 has been a phenomenal year for Wasamin. Not only did she debut with her first enka solo single which was fantastic but she also moved up the charts in the 2012 Senbatsu Election. With news that her 2nd single will be coming out soon, 2013 looks set to be an even bigger year for her.


Moeno 2012
I’m so happy that Moeno had her day in the spotlight when she became runner up in the janken tournament in September and got even more exposure by being in the senbatsu for Eien Pressure.


Minarun 2012


Yuichan 2012
Yui has been very busy in the past couple of months which has seen her make her debut with NMB48 on stage in which she’s now a member. I still wish they would have made another proper Bimyo series with Honmayan as Yui was so funny in those skits.


Takamina 2012
Takamina relinquished her job as Team A leader to become the overall boss of AKB48 (something she did unofficially anyway for the past couple of years!).


Paruru 2012
Paruru storms into the Top 5 from nowhere. She’d had one of the best years of her life in AKB48 what with having the leading role in Majisuka Gakuen 3 to winning the janken tournament in September and getting the center role in Eien Pressure in the process. Paruru looks to be quite a shy person and she might be the next ace that AKB48 are looking for after Acchan’s graduation. I agree with Takamina and Mariko saying that Paruru and Acchan are similar in nature. I don’t understand why she has so many haters. She’s an adorable girl with a sweet smile.


Yuko 2012
The new leader of Team K with some saying she was only given the role by Aki-P to make sure she wouldn’t graduate from AKB48. I can still see an announcement being made late in 2013 that she’ll be graduating to concentrate on her acting.


Mayuyu 2012
Mayuyu was Yuko’s close challenger for the no.1 spot in the senbatsu election this year. Could she make it to the top spot in 2013? She was made center for AKB48’s appearance in the Japan Record Awards and a part of Kouhaku. Perhaps she’ll even be center for a future AKB48 single which is something she’s been craving for.


Yuki 2012
I’m sure Yukirin felt hurt after being asked to move aside as Team B leader recently but as some fans have said was she really cut out to lead in the first place. Don’t get me wrong, she’s been great with Team B but I think with the pressure off her now Yukirin will enjoy her work even better. It’s brilliant that she’ll be debuting with her solo single in 2013 as she has such a sweet singing voice.

And still at No.1……….


Umechan 2012
My darling Umechan!! 2012 couldn’t have gone better for Umechan. Not only did she participate as a senbatsu member for a couple of singles this year, she was given the honour of leading Team B. I’m sure she’ll do a fine job as leader. Her TV profile has been on the rise lately and she’s becoming popular with the fans. What do you expect with her bubbly and cute personality! It’s been music to my ears to see her doing so well. Ganbarre Umechan and I hope you’ll be even more successful in 2013.



13 responses

31 01 2013

Harugon move to JKT, not SNH ^__^

31 01 2013

Yes, you’re right. Silly me in making a mistake like that!!

18 02 2013

Nito Moeno is graduating…

19 02 2013

What is it with this glut of graduations that’s taking place in AKB48. I still believe there’ll be some more members quitting before the year’s end.

19 04 2013

Always glad to see takahashi minami ranking well! I find her the most inspiring member ❤

25 04 2013

I could be wrong but I really think Umeda Ayaka is not going to be in senbatsu in this upcoming election. Supporters of Takajo Aki must be eager to “avenge” her demotion to undergirls last year, not to mention Shimazaki Haruka who’s been receiving an enormous push from management. NMB48’s aces Yamamoto Sayaka and Watanabe Miyuki might make it to senbatsu, leaving little room for Umeda.

I really want Iwasa Misaki to rank higher this time around, her solo work blew me away. She’s one of the few girls in AKB48 that has real talent instead of relying on her looks or cuteness. Unfortunately, I think senbatsu is still out of her reach but I hope she ranks in the undergirls group or continue to be next girls’ center.

25 04 2013

I’ve heard a lot of talk as well of Umechan not being selected for the senbatsu in the election. I can but hope that the fans who voted for her last year will stick with her this year as well. It’s going to be an interesting election this year and I’m really looking forward to it. I wouldn’t be surprised to see one or two new faces in the senbatsu.

I’m sure that Wasamin will improve from last year’s position.

27 05 2013

There’s no denying that Mayuyu’s extremely beautiful but I’ve had an aversion to her since her lame 2010 election speech in which she was rather ungrateful for placing fifth and dropping only one spot. I dislike Jurina Matsui because she seems very self-centered, rather indifferent towards Paruru. In short, all the potential aces just don’t appeal that much to me. Don’t really care where Umeda Ayaka lands in the election but I think she’s better suited for undergirls rather than senbatsu.
I gravitate towards Yukirin, Wasamin (awesome enka singer btw), Yokoyama Yui and Sahihara Rino. Best of luck to all of them!

I just saw the preliminary results and they’re shocking to say at least. Looks like the juniors are ready to crush the seniors sooner than expected ahah Sashii is first (hooray!!!), even if she doesn’t win, I’ll still love her. Yuko is great but we’ve already seen her as center many times (as we have Mayu in So Long!). I’d like to see someone else as center but the fight’s going to be tough!

27 05 2013

I was also very surprised but extremely happy to see Sasshi at no.1 in the prelimnary results and actually I would like it if she’d pull off a shock win in the senbatsu election.

I agree it would be nice to see someone else as center.

31 05 2013

Hasn’t your Top 10 list changed at all since 2012? lol because Nito Moeno has graduated after all.
So I assume you voted for Umeda Ayaka, right? I highly doubt she’ll make it to senbatsu again but we’ll just have to wait and see. I would never have guessed that Sashihara Rino (who is one of my favourite members btw) would top the preliminary results (I was 100% certain it would be Yuko or Mayuyu). It’s nice to be surprised every once in a while. 4th senbatsu election was dull because the majority of the ranks were so predictable.
If the fans in general are willing to vote for new girls, that’s a good sign imho

31 05 2013

Yes my Top 10 has changed since last year. Expect a new post on this after the election.

15 06 2013

Umechan dropped from senbatsu as expected but that’s a good thing. No offense but she seemed so out of place when she won #16 last year, undergirls group is where she rightfully belongs. One thing that irritates me slightly is why the hell does she always talk about percentages in her speeches?! She did it last year and this year too, so unoriginal!
On the other hand,I definitely agree with you on Wasamin, she’s a great enka singer and her huge drop in ranks made me sad 😦
And congratulations to Sasshi, she’s not part of your list so I don’t know what you think of her. Her win, however, was a breath of fresh air

15 06 2013

Sasshi was in my Top 3 before she was shifted to HKT48 so I was extremely happy to see her get the center position. I didn’t think she’d be able to keep the momentum going from the results of the first day so well done to her. I know she’s doing a good job in elevating HKT’s status but on the result of this election it’s time for her to come home to AKB48. I’m sure Aki P was delighted seeing that she’s one of his favourites.

Yes, I’m disappointed with Umechan’s slight drop. I haven’t really noticed her mentioning pencentages in her speeches.

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