Disappointing 1st Day Sales For Wasamin

1 02 2012

Whilst enka isn’t really popular with young Japanese music fans these days, I really thought that AKB48 fans would have supported one of their members and bought Wasamin’s single Mujin-eki which was released today. Unfortunately she only managed no.4 in the Oricon daily chart and we don’t even know what the exact sales figure for that is. As ClariS at no.3 sold 10,023 we can only speculate that less than 10k was sold. I thought with fans having seen how fantastic her vocals are on Mujin-eki plus her own unique take on Heavy Rotation, I expected way more copies to be sold. Still, things could improve as the week progresses. Yesterday Wasamin went to the famous Senso-ji temple as seen in the picture above and prayed for 20 mins to hope for success with her single. Hopefully the gods will smile upon her and make her wish come true.

If you still haven’t ordered Mujin-eki yet, please give Wasamin a boost and buy her single and with any luck she might even be in the Top 3 by the end of the week.


Wasamin Mujin-eki Ltd Edition CD Japan Link: http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/detailview.html?KEY=TKCA-73741

Wasamin Mujin-eki Regular Edition CD Japan Link: http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/detailview.html?KEY=TKCA-73745

Wasamin – Heavy Rotation (Enka Version)

23 01 2012

Wasamin continues to amaze me with her enka singing. Have a listen below to her enka version of the no.1 song at the Request Hour Setlist Best 100 2012 countdown – Heavy Rotation. It is just simply amazing. I believe a lot of fans weren’t going to bother at first to buy her single but now have been bowled over by her vocals on Mujin-eki and with Heavy Rotation. Fast forward to 10:49 to hear the song.

Radio Rip of Wasamin’s Debut Single Mujin-eki

16 01 2012

We’ve seen a small preview of Wasamin performing her debut single Mujin-eki at a recent enka festival but now we’ve got a longer preview thanks to Watarirouka Hashiritai 7’s radio show. If I hadn’t seen Wasamin performing at that festival, I’d have sworn that it was somebody else singing this song. She sounds like a much older woman with her vocals which makes it even more impressive as she’ll only turn 17 years old in 2 weeks time. I just love this song so much, it’s bloody brilliant. Fast forward to 9:27 to hear the song.

And here’s a small preview from the PV. It’s a very atmospheric one with the snowy landscape around Wasamin.

Wasamin Debuts Her New Enka Song At A Festival

5 01 2012

Yesterday saw Wasamin perform her new enka single for the first time live at the Enka New Year Festival concert which was held at Yokohama. Wasamin had said beforehand that she was very nervous but she performed magnificently and you’ll be able to see a small clip of her performance below. I have to say she was sensational and her voice is amazing – strong and clear. I love her song Mujin-eki. I believe AKB48 fans are going to be bowled over by how good she was at the event. I take my hat off to her. To perform with other established enka singers isn’t an easy thing to do for a debutant but Wasamin stunned everybody. I’m glad that I’m buying her CD now. Well done Wasamin!

More On Wasamin’s Debut Solo Single

22 12 2011

As I reported last week, Wasamin will release an enka debut solo single on February 1st. Details about the title track, CD cover and b-side have now been revealed. The title track is called Mujin Eki (Station Without People) and it’s being written by none other than Aki-P himself. Wasamin will also cover Heavy Rotation in her own enka style. That should be interesting to hear.

The limited edition version of the single will come with a DVD which will feature the PV of the title track, making of, a documentary about the history of Wasamin plus a message from other members of AKB48 to celebrate her solo debut.

As you’ve seen above, this is apparently the cover for the single. Wasamin definitely looks more mature than what we’ve usually seen her in AKB48 and WH7 garb. Even though I’ve said I’m not keen on enka, I will definitely support Wasamin and buy this single, if only to hear her unique take on Heavy Rotation.

Wasamin To Make Enka Solo Debut In 2012

6 12 2011

16 year oldĀ  Team A member Misaki Iwasa looks set to follow Acchan and Tomochin and release a solo debut single in 2012. Before you all hit the roof and ask ‘why her?’, there’s a difference between what the other two have released and what Wasamin will release as her song won’t be a pop song at all but an enka production.

To be perfectly honest, I didn’t even know that Wasamin had a dream to become an enka singer but last April she transferred agencies to Nakara Production who represent many veteran enka singers so it’s obvious that when her idol work is over this is what she will be doing full time. I know that enka is a very traditional part of Japan’s culture but I can’t really say I’m a fan of the genre at all.

No title has been given yet for her debuting single but it will be released on February 1st 2012. Good luck Wasamin on your solo career. Even though enka songs don’t really hit the Oricon charts all that often, if Wasamin is happy in what she’s doing that’s the most important thing isn’t it. And even better if she can attract new young fans to the genre too.