AKB48 Member Mariko Visiting Homes In Nurse’s Outfit!!

30 06 2009

It’s times like these I wish I lived in Tokyo especially when I heard about this piece of news about Mariko Shinoda who will shortly be visiting Japanese homes as part of a campaign for internet provider So-Net Hikari. She’ll be telling those lucky enough to get a call from her all about their service and how to use the internet. Take a look at her yellow outfit below. If she came knocking on my house like that I’d get a big nose bleed!!

This Week’s Figures Are In!

30 06 2009

Well, this week’s Oricon charts are out and we finally have the complete weekly figures for Namida Surprise. They entered the charts at #2 with 104,180 copies sold so they’ve beaten their total for 10nen Sakura. What an achievement.

Sadly, Kago Ai’s comeback did not go that well and was a complete disaster which is a shame considering her single (both a and b-side) was good. It only sold 1,757 charting at #52.

H!P Fans Gather In LA/AKB48 In Paris

30 06 2009

No doubt the majority of those going to Anime Expo will either have arrived or be on their way over now to see the American debut of Morning Musume. It all kicks off tomorrow with a press junket featuring the group, the opening ceremony on the 2nd with a Q&A panel session and the concert scheduled to take place on July 3rd. It’s going to be nothing but a huge success and with the added bonus of Tsunku attending with Yossie as Hangry in tow it’ll be an event to be remembered. I’m sure that this will only be the beginning of H!P’s exposure to the West. I’ve got a hunch that Tsunku might have a special announcement to make at the Expo (maybe their European debut?). Who will win the Morning Musume 3-2-1 Breaking Out PV competition? For all of those attending, have a really good time and enjoy yourselves.

Across the Atlantic Ocean over in France, AKB48 will be the special guests of honour at the Paris Expo this coming weekend. I could have gone there but as I’ve said before I hope to see them in Tokyo when I’ll be going there in 2 weeks time. Though some fans are disappointed that the big guns aren’t coming over (if you don’t count Sayaka, Miichan or Meetan as one of them that is), everybody that is heading to Paris to see them please make some noise during their concert and show your appreciation to them.

6th Day Sales For Namida Surprise

29 06 2009

I expected AKB48 to break the 100k barrier today but unfortunately it did not happen. They sold less than 2,924 copies which is way down on the strong figures they’ve had for the previous days. Tomorrow they’ll do it. I think today’s sales may also have prevented them from reaching #1 on the weekly chart.

5th Day Sales For Namida Surprise

28 06 2009

Another quick update on Sunday sales for the single. Figures dropped significantly today and only 6,346 copies were sold which makes their grand total right now at 96,973 so only 3,027 to go before hitting 100k. Tomorrow it’s guaranteed that they’ll break it for only the 2nd time. Congratulations girls!

4th Day Sales For Namida Surprise

27 06 2009

A slight improvement on yesterday’s sales figures with 15,607 being sold today which makes the grand total right now at 90,627. I’m wondering just how many they can sell before the charts come out – 150k in the first week perhaps? It’s not beyond them at all.

New Japanese Movie Trailers – Summer 2009

26 06 2009

1. Fuyu No Kaidan (Winter Ghost Story) stars C-ute’s very own Maimi Yajima and one of the H!P eggs Kanon in this zombie flick. I don’t have any high expectations for this at all judging from the trailer but I’ll give it a chance just because Maimi’s in it.

2. Ultra Galaxy Legends:The Movie – the latest Ultraman movie has 50 ultramen trying to stop the evil Ultraman Belial from using 100 kaiju to conquer the galaxy.

3. Summer Wars – this cool looking anime about a teenage boy Kenji who receives a strange math problem on his mobile phone. By solving the problem he somehow manages to cause a parallel reality to collide with the Earth and it’s up to him to put everything back into order again.

4. Killer Virgin Road – this comedy starring the brilliant Juri Ueno looks good and it also features a glimpse of gravure idol Ayaka Komatsu. It’s released in Japan on 12th September.

5. Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl – looking at the trailer, we can safely bet that this is going to be similar to the blood soaked fest that was The Machine Girl with ridiculously over the top gore.