3rd Janken Senbatsu Tournament/New Album Announced

24 06 2012

During today’s handshake event for Manatsu no Sounds Good at Saitama Super Arena, AKB48 confirmed that the Janken Senbatsu Tournament which has run for the past 2 years will be back once more with the date confirmed as September 18th. The venue will be the Nippon Budokan as before. 66 members of AKB48 along with Jurina and Milky (as they are transfers into Team K and B respectively) will start the tournament. There will also be spots for 1 KKS, 8 girls from SKE48, 6 from NMB48 and 3 from HKT48. Those groups will have their own preliminary tournament to determine who advances to the janken tournament proper. There is no exception for Sasshi this time either. Now that she’s been transferred to HKT48 she will have to battle for one of the 3 spots available to HKT48 members.

It was also announced that AKB48 will be releasing their 4th album on August 15th and rumours from fans are saying that the album will have 30 songs. It will come in a 2 CD and DVD set apparently as well.

Another important piece of news is that Team 8  could be formed very soon after 6 KKS members have been promoted to the official ranks of AKB48. Many congratulations to 10th generation members Nana Fujita, Marina Kobayashi and Rina Izuta along with 11th generation members Ayaka Morikawa, Wakana Natori and Natsuki Kojima.

The Pressure Is Getting To Sasshi

20 06 2012

Ever since Sasshi’s scandal broke out, she has been in poor health due to the stress and strain of the situation. In tonight’s A6 show she hyperventilated and withdrew after the 11th song before coming back to do an MC. I thought that with everything now sorted with her transfer to Fukuoka and with the fans having forgiven her for the scandal she would be back to her old self again but it doesn’t seem that way. The pressure is really starting to get to her now. Does this mean she’s worried that more damaging revelations could come out of the woodwork? Who knows but I’m really worried about her. I’m sure her friends in AKB48 are keeping a close eye on her right now and what she needs more than anything is their support. The fans really made sure to tell her how much she is loved in last weekend’s handshake event as Sasshi was worried beforehand what kind of reaction she would get but everybody apparently was extremely nice and supportive. I’m sure that would have cheered her up. As for the ex-boyfriend, one thing’s for sure. If the fans on 2ch find out who he is and where he lives he’d better pack his bags and head for the hills as there’s going to be hell to pay if they catch up with him.

Please get better Sasshi.

The video below is from a TV show today that talks about Sasshi.

Sasshi Conspiracy?

17 06 2012

Trawling through various forums and news websites, I came across an interesting conspiracy regarding Sasshi’s transfer to HKT48. The Japanese AKB48 fans on 2ch reckon that her transfer has been planned months ago and it isn’t a punishment. They point out that there is a secret code which has been planted in the AKB48 diary as under the date 11th June is a little note in kanji saying SR decision. You can see it for yourself if you have the diary (it’s in the first couple of pages).  Could this mean Sashihara Rino decision? So maybe this transfer has been planned all along. Maybe Sasshi’s scandal around this date was a blessing for Aki-P as an unexpected announcement to the fans that a popular member was being transferred would have made the fans go ape shit. To have her leave as ‘punishment’ will make the fans understand his decision. What do you guys make of this?

Sasshi’s final performance as a member of Team A was supposed to be scheduled for June 20th but with Natsumi Mitsubara’s birthday show on the same date, they have now delayed Sasshi’s last show until sometime in July.

Sasshi Transferred To HKT48 With Immediate Effect

15 06 2012

It’s been quite a dramatic week for Sasshi which ended tonight with an immediate transfer to HKT48. What a turnaround from last week in which she celebrated being no.4 in the senbatsu election. Now it’s come to this – being exiled from AKB48 for being part of a scandal.

Let’s go back to the beginning and how this sad turn of events began. The scum tabloid magazine Shukan Bunshun ran a story by an alleged ex-boyfriend of Sasshi from the past who said they were intimate and that she had sent emails and nude pictures of herself to him. The magazine was even given Sasshi’s mobile number by this guy which they tried and Sasshi answered. An investigation was launched by AKS and tonight Aki-P addressed the situation on a radio show with other members of AKB48 about what he was going to do. Sasshi has denied certain things in the story but she also said that she did know the guy and he was her friend and nothing else.

For breaking the cardinal rule of having relations however innocent with a member of the opposite sex whilst being a part of AKB48, Sasshi has been transferred to HKT48 immediately and exiled for good from AKB48. Whilst many fans will be livid about this (myself included) it is far better for this to happen than to be suspended or even fired but then again will there be further revelations that could see Sasshi being fired for good? Other fans think that HKT48 is being punished and that their fans might dislike the presence of such a high profile member in their ranks. I actually think that HKT48 will become popular because of Sasshi. Aki-P thinks that Sasshi will be a good mentor to the HKT48 kids on what not to do and even Mariko chipped in saying that this is a good move for Sasshi.

I’m not angry with Sasshi for breaking the rules even though she has been careless, I’m more angry with the ex-boyfriend who would stoop so low as to spill the beans on her.  The magazine have really timed this story so well just after the election.  Sasshi has worked so hard to get where she’s at and now she’s starting at the bottom once more. Will this affect her placing in Not yet or is it only AKB48 that she’s been taken out?

This is Sasshi’s tearful apology announcement:

The Aftermath Following The Election

7 06 2012

Last year following the 3rd senbatsu election, a lot of the members that didn’t make the rankings made some heartbreaking comments on their blogs – the one I remember that made me feel sorry for the most was Natsuki Sato who felt rejected and unloved. So let’s have a look at 4 members who didn’t rank in the Top 64 and their feelings on what transpired yesterday starting with:

Mayumi Uchida

Today was the Senbatsu Election. I wasn’t able to stand on that stage but it was a really nice event is what I believe from my heart. But if I tell you my true feelings I was mortified. It was a shame to have high expectations. I’m really sorry to everyone after it ended, I was crying alone in the dressing room but the comments from the elected 64 all entered my heart – “Come and surpass your seniors”. I felt that I forgot that. That’s why I’ll really really do my best this year so that I’ll be cheered on a lot by everyone. I might not have entered the results but I’m sure I got a lot of votes. I’ll try not to say “I’m sorry” cause if I say that I’ll probably start getting sad. I’m really grateful to those who have always supported me. Thank you very much. I’ve received a lot of love, and I’ll keep continuing running forward. Please let me keep doing my best in AKB48.

Natsuki Sato

Everyone, I’m so very, very,very thankful towards all of you. It was mortifying. My name not being called was mortifying. At the handshake events, the comments were always:

“I voted for you!”
“We believe in you!”
“From now on, always smile!”

And that’s how we last met. Frantically going to CD shops. And then going to vote was what everyone did at the time… I know that everyone did this just for me. I have to say I’m sorry, but I’m very thankful. To be honest, that’s what I wanted to say on that stage.

Would I do it?
Would I get to do it?

I am really glad, though. I looked towards the fans, because I knew it all was hard for everyone, So I was glad. I stopped myself from crying when it was all over, and when I saw the others from my office, I couldn’t cry. I’ve been given so many chances and so much advice…I felt like it was no good just to work harder. I am a complex bundle. I couldn’t admit that to myself. This place is full of honesty and suspicion. I didn’t have the self-confidence. But with talk of those things, I know that many others felt the same way about losing. Since April I’ve had the privilege of broadcasting the weather, and I study for it diligently each time. I like to think that I’m the best at it, and it’s a chance to work hard. Being able to work hard in AKB by doing the weather… I’m a really fortunate individual to have that opportunity. I’ve gotten to really digest this happiness over the past year – I get to receive everyone’s love and gratitude, and then get to share that love again with everyone. Everyone is so loving. It’s my biggest dream.

Thank you so much for your love, everyone.

Rina Chikano

The general election is finished! I wasn’t able to rank this year again! But, I know a lot of fans voted for me. That’s why, I don’t feel sad! I’m the usual Chika-chiyan!! Of course, there are feelings of disappointment! I’m disappointed, but I won’t let this beat me, and I’ll do my best. Because, the fact that I didn’t rank means I didn’t try hard enough at this year’s general election. I cried watching others cry again! Crying and laughing was fun as I thought, I love AKB48. For the girls that ranked in, congratulations. I’ll be positive again this year, I am me. I’ll do my best. To all my fans, I love you.

Tomomi Nakatsuka

For everyone who voted for me, thank you very much. No matter how many times I say thank you, it’s not enough. I’m really grateful. That’s why, please don’t tell me you’re sorry. That’s sad, and you didn’t do anything wrong. It will become my strength. I can do what I want to do, and I can buy what I want to buy. When I think like that, I really feel inexcusable. Why did they use the tickets on me? I’ll think about that, and without forgetting my feelings of thanks, I’ll do my best from now. I am happy. Thank you so much.

Credit to blog48 for their translated entries.

Lineup For The 27th Single In Photos

7 06 2012

Below is 4 photos of the lineups for the next AKB48 single. Jurina is missing from the senbatsu lineup as she had to leave the event as there’s a cut-off working time for members under a certain age. They can only work until something like 10pm under Japan’s child labour laws.



Akicha still can’t bring herself to smile in the photo.



And finally I couldn’t resist but post this up as well……..

Yuko’s Winners Backstage Speech/Umechan Video

6 06 2012

After the tension, tears and happiness of the senbatsu election, Yuko took time out to record a victory message backstage for the fans which is below:

Just for the hell of it I’m posting Umechan’s speech as well: