Catching Up on AKB48 TV Shows

25 03 2011

It’s only this week that I’ve had a chance to sit down and start to go through 2011 episodes of AKBingo and Shukan AKB. There’s a lot of catching up for me to do before I’m up to date with everything. I do have some questions though regarding some shows.

AKBingo (2/2/11 – the 1 hour SP) – who is this Bibiko-san person and what did he say to make Kasai cry? Also I know he’s been in AKBingo before but who is that effeminate man who does the heart ‘chun-yuu’ thing? Everytime he comes onto the show the girls adore him like a god. Is he like a one trick pony act that just does his signature move? If so he’s not going to last long.

Shukan AKB (4/3/11 – Dokkiri) – probably one of the best Shukan AKB shows in a long while but even I was shocked when Shinoda squared up to Nito Moeno. You could cut the atmosphere with the knife such was the tension and the other members became so quiet. Was Shinoda on the act or not? I know she’s said in an interview that she did a reverse dokkori but I just did not like it at all. Fair enough if both girls were in on it but if Mariko stood up to Moeno like a brat knowing full well that it was a variety show and Moeno was only acting then it’s wrong. Has Moeno said anything about the incident? I hope I won’t see anything like that again, just hate seeing my favorite idols having a stand-off like that but I admire Moeno for not backing down if Shinoda’s reaction was indeed real.

AKBingo Episode 111 (24/11/10) Summary

25 11 2010

This week’s AKBingo is a continuation from last week – a championship tournament to crown a new regular on the show from AKB48 members that have made the least appearances on the show. There’s a quick recap of why the tournament is happening. The usual AKBingo regulars are in the stands. The girls participating in the tournament are:

Sayaka Nakaya, Kana Kobayashi, Natsuki Sato, Mariya Suzuki, Rina Chikano, Mayumi Uchida, Miku Tanabe, Tomomi Nakatsuka, Misato Nonaka and Sakiko Matsui

See the previous episode’ summary for the tournament rules and the games that are played. When last week’s episode finished we had already lost Natsuki Sato and Tomomi Nakatsuka out of the 10 members and now we continue the musical chairs round. Who out of the 8 girls left will win the tournament? Find out below!

After a tussle over a chair with Chikano, Mariya Suzuki is deemed to be out. Chiyuu to chosen to ber opponent in an arse bumping contest. Chiyuu hasn’t got the best of records in this contest having been bested by Jurina in an episode during April 2010 so she isn’t happy doing this at all! Both girls are on a small platform with Chiyuu trying to outpsych Mariya but its to no avail as she’s bumped off the platform and loses. Mariya is back in the game.

Matsui Sakiko is the next eliminated and she picks the kanji writing battle game. Her opponent is Mocchi. The radical given is ninben (person). Both girls get 7 words correct so as its a tie there’s only 1 way to settle it – a round of janken! Mocchi wins so Sakiko is out of the tournament and we are down to 7 girls. 3 more need to be downed before the next stage is introduced.

Mayumi Uchida is out when the musical chairs game resumes. Yuko is her opponent so she decides on the 10,000 Step Calculation battle. The idea of the game is in 30 seconds they have simulate taking as many steps as possible with their legs (if I’m wrong with the game description please correct me). You can do this slowly or in the case of Mayumi and Yuko you can act like a complete spaz! A device attached to their heads will record the data. The result finds Mayumi with 397 but Yuko has done better with 493. Mayumi is gone.

With 6 girls left, who’s next for the chop? Misato Nonaka is eliminated and will face Shizuka Ooya in a costume battle game. The aim is to fit as many clothes as you can on yourself in 30 seconds. In a very tight contest, Ooya wins 5-4 so Nonaka is out. The girls are being eliminated very quickly in this episode.

Only 1 more girl needs to be out before the 2nd stage. Mariya is unfortunately eliminated for the 2nd time in this episode. She elects to go for the arse bumping contest but has she bitten off more than she can chew as her opponent is none other than the tenancious Miichan. It proves to be true as Mariya is powered off the platform. Oh crap, I really wanted Mariya to win!

That is it for the musical chairs stage and the 2nd stage can begin. The final 4 are Kana Kobayashi, Miku Tanabe, Rina Chikano and Sayaka Nakaya. This stage is a Loud Voice battle. Each of the 4 girls needs to shout a designated phrase into a microphone which records the decibels made by them. Takamina demonstrates how it works. Only 2 of the girls can go through. Up first is Miku Tanabe who records a 98.3, Nakaya gets 101.3, Chikano an impressive 102.2 and lastly Kana with 99.9. Kana and Miku are eliminated so we’re down to the final 2 girls.

The 3rd and final stage which will crown a new regular on the show is a water janken battle. This game involves a bowl of water placed in the middle of a table with both contestants sitting down and facing each other. If somebody wins their janken round they can throw the water at their opponent but they do have a sheet of plastic which they can pull up to protect themselves from getting wet. The girl that gets wet loses. A demonstration sees Ooya get drenched by Sata!! The final battle begins and in the first round sees both pulling their plastic sheets up. The 2nd round sees Chikano win but Nakaya pulls her sheet before Chikano can throw her water. The 3rd round sees the same result but the 4th sees Chikano proving too quick for Nakaya and she gets drenched. The tournament is over and we have a winner – Rina Chikano!! Well done!!

With the episode drawing to a close, we have a double PV preview of Chance no Juban and the coupling song Yoyaku Shita Christmas. I really like the coupling song a lot. Another great episode but I swear I saw a preview of Takamina doing the Russian Roulette game but I never saw it in this episode though.

Next week’s episode has another yankii battle between Yuko and Takamina.

AKBingo Episode 110 (17/11/10) Summary

18 11 2010

We have a brand new game debuting again on this week’s AKBingo but before we can get underway, Kiyoto and Sata are lamenting the fact that a lot of the regulars are away making the atmopshere on the show feel dead. Mayuyu is doing a handshake event, Acchan is away filming the dorama Q10 and Mariko, Yukirin and Tomochin are abroad. Does this signal the end of the show they say? Well fear not for Sata thinks it’s high time they had a new regular to remedy the situation so out comes 10 members who have the least amount of appearances on the show (some of them have never been on the show at all). They are:

Sayaka Nakaya, Kana Kobayashi, Natsuki Sato, Mariya Suzuki, Rina Chikano, Mayumi Uchida, Miku Tanabe, Tomomi Nakatsuka, Misato Nonaka and Sakiko Matsui

There’ll be a championship tournament between the 10 to find out who gets to be the new regular. Sata starts to call the girls cute and praises Natsuki Sato. Kana Kobayashi tries to get some attention which prompts Sata to tell her to leave!! He then fluffs Chikano’s name and says it’s her fault and calls her a nobody! Great stuff here and the game hasn’t even begun!

The first stage of the game is a musical chairs one. When a member is eliminated from this game, they have to play an additional challenge which pits their prowess against the AKBingo regulars who are in the stands watching proceedings. There are 9 challenges and these are: costume battle, cookie eating battle, picking up small beans battle, arse bumping, ten thousand step calculation, arm wrestle, shaved ice eating battle, russian roulette and a kanji writing battle. If a member wins their challenge their back into the musical chairs game. The idea is to whittle the 10 members down to 4 for the next stage.

The game starts and first out is Tomomi Nakatsuka. She elects to have a kanji writing battle against Takamina. Both members will be given a radical and then have to write as many kanji words in 30 seconds. You might be asking what’s a radical – well basically radicals express the general nature of the kanji characters. The radical for this game is kusa (grass). Nakatsuka wins after getting all of her words right with Takamina failing miserably. With her victory, Nakatsuka is back in the musical chairs game so nobody has been eliminated thus far.

The 2nd girl out is Natsuki Sato and she goes for a Russian Roulette game with Yuko. A helium balloon has been filled up and rigged to a gun. One barrel of the gun will burst the balloon so Natsuki and Yuko will each have a turn of putting the balloon next to their heads and whoever has the balloon when it eventually bursts loses. Yuko is starting to cry during this game and you can see the tears coming down her face. The results sees Yuko winning and Natsuki is out of the tournament. Yuko also asks for a break in order to compose herself!! The other members are laughing at the state that Yuko is in.

The chairs are down to 8 now and out next is Sayaka Nakaya. Her opponent is Kojima and they’ll be doing a picking up small beans challenge. Right from the off Kojima is rather useless and flinging her beans around whilst Sayaka is neatly picking her beans up one by one. This means Sayaka has survived and is back in the game.

Tomomi Nakatsuka is out for the 2nd time in the musical chairs game. She chooses an arm wrestling challenge with Miichan. Nakatsuka is confident that she has the tools to beat Miichan but Miichan is also confident in her abilities. Some trash talking begins between the two. The contest itself is one sided and sees Miichan destroy Nakatsuka. She joins Natsuki Sato as being out of the game. We are now down to 8 girls.

Mayumi Uchida is eliminated and gets to do a cookie eating challenge against Amina Sato. The aim is to use your facial expressions to move the cookie balancing on the top of the your forehead so that you casn grab it with your mouth. The first to do this is the winner. Uchida succeeds and is back into the game.

The segment is over and will continue next week. There are still 8 girls in the tournament. Who will be the eventual winner?

To finish off the show, we have a PV preview of SDN48’s debut single GAGAGA which is coming out next week.

And that is it. It was an enjoyable episode and a cool idea for members you never really take any notice to shine and show the viewers what they’re all about.

AKBingo 10th November 2010 Summary

11 11 2010

This week’s episode is a brand new game not seen before – The Chicken Race – Number Dobon between 2 teams with a yankii theme. But before the game can began we have the 2 team captains (Takamina and Yuko) squaring up to each other and trash talking. Both are trying hard to keep a straight face. This is interrupted by the Bad Boys.

I haven’t got time to explain the rules of the game itself and the format so please go here! to this article on Stage 48. It’s a really thorough well done article on the game and thanks for the author for doing it. It’s saved me a lot of typing!!!

The teams are:

Takamina Team (White): Akicha, Miichan, Miku Tanabe, Ami Maeda, Mocchi (on the bike) & Takamina
Yuko Team (Red): Mariya Suzuki, Chiyuu, Kojima, Rumi Yonezawa, Suuchan (on the bike) & Yuko

Nice to see a couple of new faces on the show. OK, it’s time for the game to begin with Chiyuu first up for Yuko’s team. She plonks for a 1-On-1 challenge on the board which is a janken game. The more members she beats the more points for Suuchan. She manages to beat Takamina but fails to beat Akicha so only a point for Yuko’s team. Suuchan moves to 20.

For Takamina’s team it’s Akicha and she elects to pick a AKB48 question. She gains 5 points for Mocchi. The answer was something to do with Acchan filming the 5th episode of the dorama Q10. She moves to 16.

A new face on AKBingo has a challenge next with Mariya Shizuka playing the kids game of Crocodile Dentist. The object is to press down on a tooth in the crocodile’s mouth. She will gain a point for each tooth pressed until the mouth snaps shut and then it’s game over. She manages to gain 2 points with Suuchan advancing to 18.

Ami Maeda’s challenge is to roll an inflatible dice on the studio floor. Whatever number the dice stops rolling on, the team gets that many points. It stops on 4 which means Mocchi steams ahead to 12.

Kojima has to play a game of darts. Whatever number on the board the dart she throws will hit they’ll get the points. It effectively means if she hits 20 the game could be over. However, there was no danger of that happening as Kojima failed to even hit the dartboard so no points for Suuchan. It was funny seeing Kojima’s effort.

Miichan elects to play a challenge involving the “Average Citizens” backstage. They consist of: Sato Natsuki, Tomomi Nakatsuka, Harukyan, Shizuka Oya and Amina Sato. What they have to do is vault over a gym horse. So up first is Tomomi Nakatsuka who clears the horse and gains a point. Sato Natsuki, Harukyan and Amina Sato fail. Sato even pretends to cry after her failure. Shizuka Oya vaults over the horse a bit too hard and crashes into a curtain. I laughed at this. In the end it’s 2 points to Mocchi which moves her down to 10.

Rumi Yonezawa opts for a Super Common Knowledge questions and gains 16 points for Yuko’s team. Suuchan overtakes Mocchi to go down to 2 points. Miku Tanabe also picks the same kind of question to get 8 points. Mocchi is down to 2 points which means they’re neck and neck.

It’s down to the leaders on who will win the game – Yuko or Takamina! Yuko goes first and picks Sato Natsuki backstage to skip a rope. She doesn’t do that well so Suuchan only moves a point to finish the game on 1 point. She is safe so can Takamina do any better? She picks an AKB question which revolves around how many emails she receives during that day. Each message she has means 1 point for the team.  Sata checks her keitai and can only see 1 message so that means Mocchi is also down to 1 point with the game a draw. However, there’s a twist as Yuko checks Takamina’s keitai and finds another message. 2 messages means 2 points which means Mocchi is out of the game. She’s unceremoniously dumped in a pool of flour! She looks like Sadako from Ringu afterwards!!! The game is over and Yuko’s team wins!

As the episode draws to a close, there’s a PV preview of SKE48’s new single 1,2,3,4 Yoroshiku and that is it.

Next week’s episode looks like a lot of fun involving Russian Roulette, musical chairs plus more.

AKBingo 3rd November 2010 Summary

4 11 2010

I just love these Muchaburi Dodgeball episodes. Kana Kobayashi and Nito Moeno are the referees. The teams are as follows:

White: Tomochin, Yukirin, Mocchi, Mikapon, Mariko + Sae

Red: Harukyan, Yuko, Chiyuu, Sasshi, Takamina + Miichan

And we’re away with the game. Tomochin strikes very fast proving time and time again that she’s a dangerous player and an asset to any team. Sasshi is the one eliminated by her. Her punishment is to eat a small octopus that’s been cut into pieces whilst alive! The poor thing is still thrashing about on the plate as Sasshi eats one of the raw tentacles. The tentacle is moving in her mouth but she eventually swallows it. I don’t think I’d be able to eat something that’s alive!

Takamina is the 2nd girl out by Mikapon and boy, is she pissed about it! She tried to grab the ball but failed. She has to undergo a facial make-up transformation by Kiyoto and when she turns around she’s C-3PO from Star Wars! She starts acting like him whilst the rest of the girls are laughing at her. Even Takamina finds her look amusing when she sees herself in the mirror.

The next punishment is outside the studio and back at the restaurant where Takamina was 2 weeks ago grabbing people’s meals. Yuko manages to eliminate Mariko who contests the decision. Kana Kobayashi sprints full pelt to a surprised Mariko and starts babbling some gibberish to her. She’s still out! We see Mariko enter the restaurant which has a number of people eating there and move to the center of the place before she starts to shout something and hides under a table. The couple whose table Mariko is hiding under looks on bemused. Next she goes up to a big window and tries to get everybody’s attention by saying there’s a UFO in the sky! It doesn’t work and 1 couple find it funny what she’s doing. Mariko was pretty cool but I didn’t find it as hilarious as Takamina’s effort there.

Miichan gets smacked hard by Tomochin to be the next girl out of the game. Her punishment is to eat what looks like a plate of small fried lizards. OMG it looks disgusting and very unappetising. Although reluctant to put one of the lizards in her mouth, she manages to bit a piece off but she’s struggling to chew and swallow it and there’s tears streaming down her face. Yuko tries to lighten the mood by doing a pose of one of the cooked lizards then the other girls join in and do the same. Very funny. Miichan eventually does manage to swallow it. Well done Miichan.

Tomochin gets her 3rd strike of the episode. After failing to get Yuko, she aims for Harukyan who is hit and eliminated. It was quite a boring punishment for her involving a glass of milk, a 10 metre piece of straw strung up on a wall with peaks and troughs and Harukyan had to suck the milk from the glass, through the long straw and into her mouth. Though the challenge would be difficult for some with not so very good lung power, Harukyan completed it quite easily.

The next punishment is the 3rd eating one of the night and involves the AD Inaba. Chiyuu looks worried and Mayu is giving him some stick once more. Will Mayu ever forgive him for making her cry? Yukirin is the unfortunate girl out by Miichan. Inaba’s culinary delight this time is Melon Miso Soup. Yukirin starts to eat and drink the soup well enough but soon starts gagging on it – obviously the combination doesn’t complement each other. Chiyuu is dreading having Inaba pick her to try his meal and has turned her back from him. However, it doesn’t work and she has to try the Melon Miso Soup. Judging from her face she doesn’t like it one bit.

This concludes the game with the Whites triumphing 4-2. Inaba once more picks Chiyuu as his MVP but that should have gone to Tomochin who is awesome and lethal as always.

Another Phrasemuseum which is between Amina Sato and Kojima. Sato wins with Kiyoto painting an insect on her cheek.

News – something about an Asia Festival, a new AKB48 shop has opened in Hong Kong and a feature about Xmas.

There’s a repeat again of the Beginner performance with Tomochin in the centre before the end of the show. I really enjoyed this episode.

Next week: Yankii Battle between Yuko and Takamina’s crew.

AKBingo 27th October 2010 Summary

28 10 2010

We’re back with yet another edition of Time Pressure:Battle Burger Shop. The teams are:

Kyo-Takki Team (Kiyoto): Takamina, Mayu, Sasshi, Mikapon, Kojima and Mariko

Boss Burger Team (Sata) : Yuko, Tomochin, Rumi Yonezawa, Myao, Yukirin and Sae

I’ll state the rules once more in case there’s somebody new watching the game for the first time. The object of the game is each of the first 5 girls in the team has a burger on a moving conveyor belt flip open to reveal a certain object. They must say something in 5 seconds that associates with the object without actually revealing what it is. The last girl at the end should manage to guess what the object is with all the clues that the rest of her team have given her.

First up is Sata’s team with Sae as the final member guessing the first object correctly which was a conbini store. Kiyoto’s team with Mariko as the final member also got their first object (location) right which was Shibuya

Round 2 of this stage and Sata’s team gets it right once more. I’m not sure what the correct answer was – it sounded like Sae said Fukugawa Yuki? Kiyoto’s team also got theirs right with the answer being Takamina. No episode of AKBingo is complete without some Takamina ribbing!!

Round 3 sees Sae on a roll getting all 3 of her answers right. This one being “monomane” I think.

At the half way stage of the game the Boss Burger Team is 3-2 up!

The game moves onto the 2nd stage. Same game as before – they get to draw something in 5 seconds which associates with the object that the end girl gets to guess. The teams have changed into:

Kyo-Takki Team: Kojima, Kitarie, Chiyuu, Mariko, Mayu and Takamina

Boss Burger: Tomochin, Miichan, Kikuchi, Sae, Moeno and Yuko

Round 1 – Takamina got her answer right which was a hot air balloon. Sata’s team with Yuko answering also got theirs right which was “okosama lunch”.

Round 2 – Takamina got her 2nd picture correct which was a “catcher” but this is the moment in which the game turned in Kiyoto’s team favour with Yuko getting her answer all wrong. It was funny seeing her facial expressions trying to guess who was in the picture drawn. She guessed Santa Claus but it was in fact the samurai Saigo Takamori. The statue of him walking his dog stands near the Southern entrance of Ueno Park. You can’t miss it in the park!

Round 3 – Mayu came to the rescue of her team with her great drawing skills as Takamina correctly guessed Mona Lisa as the answer. I don’t think she would have got the answer right if it wasn’t for Mayu.

Game over with Kiyoto’s team edging a tight game 5-4

Phrasemuseum is between Acchan and Miichan. No surprises in that Acchan won!

To end the show we’ve got a live studio performance of Beginner with Tomochin in the centre. It’s the same as last week basically.

And that’s it for this week. More Muchaburi Dodgeball in the next episode. Can’t wait for that.

AKBingo 20th October 2010 Summary

21 10 2010

It’s yet another glorious episode of Muchaburi Dodgeball this week and it’s a belter of a show. You’ll know why after reading this summary. There’s a new Hyper Version of the Muchaburi machine which pops up the balls as well!

The teams are:

Red: Kitarie, Yuko, Kojima, Sumire, Akicha and Takamina
White: Tomochin, Mariko, Myao, Ooya, Ami Maeda and Mayuyu

The lineswomen are: Haruka Ishida and Rumi Yonezawa

The game begins and the first punishment will be an eating one. Surprisingly Tomochin is the first eliminated by Takamina who is ecstatic at this as she didn’t want to do this punishment. I never thought Tomochin would be eliminated so early in the game. So what does Tomochin have to eat? All is revealed as it’s a plate of what looks to me like caterpillars which makes everybody scream! Are they alive or dead – no, they’re dead all right! Tomochin is a bit reluctant but she takes one and bites it in half. She says it tastes like fried potato. She offers one of the caterpillars to Takamina who’s crouching down. She bites a very small piece off and also says it’s like potato!

It’s during the next punishment that features the funniest and main highlight of the episode for me. It’s a punishment done in a restaurant which is fairly crowded. There’s a clip of Chiyuu embarassing herself doing the “koma desu” routine a while ago. The game is back underway and revenge is sweet for Tomochin who duly gets rid of Takamina and she sure looks pleased about it. A vicious swipe to the side of the head for Takamina. What happens next is hilarious. Takamina armed with a fork and spoon is seen entering the restaurant looking around for some food. She plonks herself down on a chair on a table which has 2 women eating their meal. One is eating chicken and the other has some spaghetti. They’re ignoring Takamina completely and carrying on nattering to each other! Unreal! Takamina suddenly makes a grab for some spaghetti and eats it. The women don’t say a thing which I found unbelievable. If that happened to me I’d have asked “WTF are you doing?”. She tries to get a reaction from another table with a couple eating their meal. Takamina uses her fork and quite unashamedly picks what looked like a piece of steak and eats it before walking off. The look on the man’s face as Takamina took his meat was priceless!! OMG – Takamina you were frikkin awesome in this and I salute you. You really made me laugh hard watching you.

Before the game begins once more, the muchaburi machine makes the ball pop up high, it bounces off Kiyoto’s head before Sata catches it which made everybody laugh. Tomochin strikes again and eliminates Kitarie. I knew that Tomochin would have some kind of impact on this game. She whips that ball so hard. Kitarie has to do a transformation punishment but who will she be? When she turns around, Kitarie’s face has been turned into a Navi from the Avatar movie. Kitarie charges at the girls gawking at her which makes Yuko so scared she falls to the floor! So funny!

The next punishment is a new one and it involves a small bowl being strapped on somebody’s eyes. A couple of small balloons is hoisted high and the idea is to catch the balloons which are filled with water in the bowl without making them break. The bowl has some sharp edges on it to help break the balloon. There’s a demonstration to show how’s it done. It’s Shizuka Ooya that’s eliminated after lineswoman Haruka Ishida insults and calls her an “obasan” whilst pulling a silly face. Ooya’s balloon bounces off the bowl without breaking so this was quite a poor punishment and I don’t see this one returning in future episodes.

Ami Maeda is out after being hit in the privates by Kitarie. Her punishment is to avoid Kiyoto swinging a rubber sword at her legs by jumping out of the way but she can’t do it and is whacked hard by him!!

A massage with a difference is the punishment on the cards as Mariko is downed by Akicha. A woman comes into the studio and demonstrates with Kiyoto her back/neck stretching massage. Looks painful and Kiyoto isn’t that happy either. Now it’s Mariko’s turn as she’s made to lie down on her stomach. The woman places her hands under Mariko’s chin and pulls her back upwards (sort of like a camel clutch wrestling hold). I thought Mariko was going to cry but she seemed to enjoy it. She does another routine which really stretches Mariko’s spine. Ouch! Mariko though was cool about it.

The final punishment is another eating one with the meal done by the show’s AD. Mayuyu comments that she hates him after the cosplay race in a previous episode which saw the AD as Black iNaBA make Mayu cry in frustration. Sumire gets eliminated by Myao. What does Sumire have to eat? It looks like a pudding immersed in some rice. Apparently it’s Caramel Rice. It looks disgusting but the AD says it’s nice. Sumire doesn’t seem to like it one bit. As Chiyuu is the AD’s oshimen, she’s dragged on to try it as well. She says it’s delicious but the look on her face says differently!!

The game is over and the Reds has 3 players left (Yuko, Kojima, Akicha) to the Whites that have 2 (Myao, Mayu) so the Reds win! The MVP chosen by the AD is Chiyuu who didn’t even take part in the actual game!

After the news, comes a live studio performance of Beginner with Tomochin taking center stage.

This was such a great episode thanks to Takamina. I love that girl. Next week – more Battle Burger Shop