Hangry & Angry@Sakura Con Episodes 2 and 3

9 05 2009

Better late than never:

Hangry & Angry @ Sakura Con

16 04 2009

The video below is the 1st installment of Charmy and Yossie’s adventures at last weekend’s Sakura Con. Part 2 goes up tomorrow so watch out for that.

Hangry & Angry new digital single SadisticDance

12 04 2009

I’m sure all of those attending Sakura Con 2009 are enjoying the appearance of Yossie and Charmy as Hangry & Angry. To coincide with their arrival in the US, they even release a new single which was released digitally only called SadisticDance.

I absolutely love it, way better than Kill Me Kiss Me with a mixture of dance and rock. So catchy. I can’t think why but it reminds me somewhat of the Russian duo Tatu. What a shame that I can’t buy it from JapanFiles.

Happy birthday to Yossie, she turned 24 years old today.

Hangry & Angry/Buono! PV’s

22 11 2008

This week saw the release of the goth pop unit Hangry & Angry starring Yossi and Charmy with their debut single Kill Me Kiss Me. With a simultaneous release also in the US I’m wondering how sales are going there during the first couple of days. Are they making any kind of impact at all? As for the PV itself I like the use of brash colors in it and especially the costumes but the fake guitar playing by the duo just looks out of place. Yossi does her best to look tough and threatening but Rika is trying to look cute. It doesn’t matter what type of clothes, hairstyle or makeup they put on Rika she still maintains that cuteness about her. What’s with those odd facial expressions in the PV as well? The song isn’t what I’d usually listen to but I was prepared to give it a go and I enjoyed it.

Buono! have gone all retro in the PV to their 5th single Rottara Rottara which has a 60’s inspired theme to it. Airi, Momo and Miyabi look fantastic in their mini-skirts and knee high white boots and whilst I was unsure of the song when I first heard it, after the 2nd play I started to like it.

More Info On Hangry & Angry/Europe Tour Planned!

6 11 2008

There’s been some more information passed on to the media regarding Yossie and Charmy’s new pop-punk unit Hangry & Angry. Their single is being released on an indie label and will only be available to buy in certain music stores on the 19th November – as I mentioned last month it’s also being released in the US with their mini-album being a digital download only.

But it’s this next piece of news which is exciting me more than anything. Hangry & Angry plan to go on tour in Japan, US and………..Europe in 2009! I hope to God they come over to the UK as I’ll be there in a shot to see them.

The unit will also perform live for the first time on November 28th in Shibuya. Bloody typical – 2 days before I arrive in Tokyo!

Has H!P’s Invasion Of The US Begun?/Meetan Sales Update

18 10 2008

I think this is big news but it seems that Hello Project are doing an experiment to see what potential it has to start selling their CD’s over in the US. The new duo of Hangry & Angry (Yossi and Charmy) and their debut single Kill Me Kiss Me is going to be released simultaenously in Japan and the US on the 19th November. It looks like UFA have got their act together and finally come to their senses that there’s a market out there to target foreign fans. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of impact the CD will have in the US. How many copies are they expected to sell? If it does well does that mean that further singles and albums from the rest of H!P artists get sold in the US too? Could we be looking in the future at a US tour for maybe Morning Musume? I know a lot of H!P fans are excited about this, something they’ve been wanting to happen for some years. I hope they don’t get too carried away and assume that H!P is going to start selling everything in the US soon. It’s up to them to show the UFA execs that this experiment has paid off so go and buy the CD when it comes out. I’m eagerly awaiting more news on this development.

Hangry & Angry

How is AKB48 member Megumi Ohori doing with sales of her debut solo single Amai Kokanetsu? According to the Oricon daily charts it charted at No.30 on the day of it’s release, dropped down slightly the next day but had moved up to No.22 by Friday. But what does this mean sales wise – how many copies? It’s hard to say but I reckon that 5,000 CD’s has been shifted, maybe slightly more. Is 10,000 copies a bridge too far for her? I still reckon she’ll achieve it in the first week but only just.