The Wait Is Nearly Over….

5 06 2012

The time to vote is over and tomorrow is the big day for all of us AKB48 fans when we’ll discover who will be the senbatsu and center for the next single that’ll come out in August.

The senbatsu election will be broadcasted live on Google+ from 17:20pm (JST) so you won’t miss anything. The link to the page where you’ll be able to see the election has already been uploaded:

I hope everybody will enjoy the show and I’ll make a post straight after the end with my thoughts and feelings on it. All that’s left to say is I wish all of your oshimen the very best of luck.


Goodbye SDN48

1 04 2012

SDN48 graduated from the 000 family yesterday by giving their last concert to the fans at the NHK Hall. In an emotional charged atmosphere, the group sang through 37 songs in tears and after a double encore it was all over for them…..well sort of. Aki-P has decided to hold a reunion concert for SDN48 in 12 months time.

During their 2 years and 7 months of being active, SDN48 released 5 singles and 1 album. Thankfully they achieved their dream of hitting the top spot on the Oricon charts when their album became no.1. It’s sad that it had to end this way for them when their true potential had yet to be realised. Many blame Aki-P for not handling them properly. Apart from CinDy who has managed to nab a spot with WH7, what will happen to the rest of them? Will some get another job in the showbiz industry or will some turn their back on that and return to normal life. Who knows but I wish all of them the very best of luck whatever they’ll do.

Goodbye SDN48 and thanks for the memories.

Sales Of SDN48’s Best Of Album Gets Their Final Release Off To A Good Start

17 03 2012

Today saw the release of SDN48’s NEXT ENCORE album which will the final CD you’ll be able to buy featuring them before their graduation in 2 weeks time. They topped the album daily chart on the first day selling 40,800 beating 2PM but we as fans need to keep them at no.1 there until next week. SDN48 have never had a no.1 position in the weekly Oricon charts . I know times are hard with money and I understand that but we have to do this for them to show that we care and send a message to whoever it matters that SDN48 still have a future in the J-pop industry.

I know Aki-P has mentioned on Google+ about the mounting campaign by fans to keep the group alive and kudos to all of those involved. Apparently Aki-P tried everything he could to persuade Universal Music to change their minds but they turned down his request. He mentioned that he’s still trying to find a future for all of the members and even if he lost some money he still would like to give something a go. I really hope he comes up with something fast because there’s only 2 weeks to go.

Request Hour Set List Best 100 2012 (The Next 100 Songs – 101 to 200)

12 03 2012

Maybe some of you like myself have been wondering which position the songs you voted for and didn’t make it into the Top 100 at the Request Hour concerts were placed. I certainly was especially with my vote for Gondola Lift. But fear not as Togasaki posted the next 100 songs (101 – 200) on Google + for everybody to see. So here’s how the ranking looks like:

101 – Mikazuki no Senaka (c/w from NMB48 1st single Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo)
102 – Sakura no Hanabiratachi (A1)
103 – Majijo Teppen Blues (c/w from AKB48 16th single Ponytail to Shushu)
104 – Zutto Zutto (A6)
105 – Lucky Seven (c/w from AKB48 17th single Heavy Rotation)
106 – Nusumareta Kuchibiru (c/w from AKB48 16th single Ponytail to Shushu)
107 – Koike (A7)
108 – Kioku no Dilemma (H2)
109 – Kesshou (c/w from NMB48 2nd single Oh My God!)
110 – Junjou Shugi (B3)
111 – Deja vu (H1)
112 – Kimi to Niji to Taiyou to (from AKB48 album Kami-kyokutachi)
113 – Aitakatta (A2)
114 – Tonari no Banana (H2)
115 – Minasan mo Go Issho ni (B4)
116 – Tengoku Yarou (B4)
117 – Kokoro no Hashi no Sofa (K5)
118 – Guuzen no Juujiro (c/w from AKB48 20th single Sakura no Ki ni Narou)
119 – TWO ROSES (c/w from SKE48 4th single 1!2!3!4! YOROSHIKU!)
120 – Boku wa Matteru (c/w from NMB48 2nd single Oh My God!)
121 – Oshibe to Meshibe to Yoru no Chouchou (K4)
122 – BINGO (A4)
123 – Baby! Baby! Baby! (AKB48 digital single)
124 – Love Jump (c/w from AKB48 19th single Chance no Junban)
125 – Aozora Kataomoi (SKE48 2nd single)
126 – Mokugekisha (A6)
127 – Kagami no Naka no Jeanne de Arc (B3)
128 – Area K (c/w from AKB48 20th single Sakura no Ki ni Narou)
129 – Renai Kinshi Jourei (A5)
130 – Gondola Lift (c/w from AKB48 23rd single Kaze wa Fuiteiru)
131 – Nandeyanen Idol (c/w from NMB48 2nd single Oh My God!)
132 – Cross (KII3)
133 – Aisareru Tame ni (SDN48 S1)
134 – Jibun Rashisa (from AKB48 album Kami-kyokutachi)
135 – Majisuka Rock ‘n’ Roll (c/w from AKB48 15th single Sakura no Shiori)
136 – Boku no Yell (c/w from AKB48 16th single Ponytail to Shushu)
137 – Suki Suki Suki (B5)
138 – Boku no Taiyou (H1)
139 – Yoyaku Shita Christmas (c/w from AKB48 19th single Chance no Junban)
140 – Kinjirareta Futari (K2)
141 – Renai Circus (from AKB48 album Kami-kyokutachi)
142 – Finland Miracle (KII3)
143 – Tobenai Agehachou (c/w from AKB48 13th single Iiwake Maybe)
144 – Ai no Kazu (c/w from SKE48 5th single Banzai Venus)
145 – Boku ni Dekiru Koto (from AKB48 album Kami-kyokutachi)
146 – Bye Bye Bye (H2)
147 – Faint (A4)
148 – Miniskirt no Yousei (A6)
149 – 100 meter Conbini (B5)
150 – Skirt, Hirari (AKB48 2nd single)
151 – RUN RUN RUN (H1)
152 – Mangekyo (S3)
153 – Mantenrou no Kyori (A6)
154 – Kodoku na Ballerina (KII3)
155 – Anti (c/w from AKB48 21st single Everyday Kachuusha)
156 – Ougon Center (c/w from AKB48 20th single Sakura no Ki ni Narou)
157 – Kimi wa Pegasus (K3)
158 – NMB48 (N1)
159 – Saboten to Gold Rush (A6)
160 – Hoshi no Mukogawa (A6)
161 – Kaze no Yukue (from AKB48 album Kami-kyokutachi)
162 – Te wo Tsunaginagara (S2)
163 – Glory days (S2)
164 – Boku Dake no Value (c/w from AKB48 18th single Beginner)
165 – Kizashi (KII3)
166 – Ramune no Nomikata (KII3)
167 – Confession (H1)
168 – Inseki no Kakuritsu (B5)
169 – Ningyo no Vacance (from AKB48 album Kami-kyokutachi)
170 – Hatsukoi yo Konnichiwa (B5)
171 – Kiss Made 100 mile (c/w from AKB48 20th single Sakura no Ki ni Narou)
172 – Nagai Hikari (A5)
173 – Kaiyuugyo no Capacity (K4)
174 – Wimbledon he Tsureteitte (S2)
175 – Mattemashita, Shingakki (c/w from NMB48 1st single Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo)
176 – Namida no Shounan (A2)
177 – Korekara Wonderland (c/w from AKB48 21st single Everyday Kachuusha)
178 – Yuuwaku no Garter (SDN48 S1)
179 – ALIVE (c/w from AKB48 19th single Chance no Junban)
180 – Tadaima Renaichuu (A4)
181 – Idol nante Yobanaide (H1)
182 – Hito no Chikara (c/w from AKB48 21st single Everyday Kachuusha)
183 – Yasai Sisters (c/w from AKB48 17th single Heavy Rotation)
184 – Keibetsu Shiteita Aijou (A4)
185 – Koko ni ita Koto (from AKB48 album Kami-kyokutachi)
186 – Manatsu no Christmas Rose (A5)
187 – Sakura no Shiori (AKB48 15th Single)
188 – Overture – NMB48 version (N1)
189 – Utsukushiki Mono (A6)
190 – Manazashi Sayonara (KII3)
191 – Wasshoi B! (B3)
192 – Two years later (B3)
193 – GAGAGA (SDN48 1st single)
194 – MIN.MIN.MIN (SDN48 3rd single)
195 – 7ji 12fun no Hatsukoi (A4)
196 – Kimi ni au Tabi Koi wo Suru (A5)
197 – Senaka Kara Dakishimete (A2)
198 – Nounai Paradise (K3)
199 – Ashita no Tame ni Kiss wo (K6)
200 – Hazumisaki (c/w from SKE48 3rd single Gomen ne, SUMMER)

SKE48 Member Injured At Today’s Performance

11 03 2012

So then guys, did any of you tune in to watch the live AKB48 concert today on Youtube to commemorate the 1st anniversary of the Tohoku disaster. Even though it was short, I thought it was great and to hear Nakaya and Karen’s tearful account of not being able to do nothing when they heard the terrible news as they both come from the 2 prefectures that was affected the most was touching to say the least. There was 5 simultaneous concerts going on at the same time with SKE48, NMB48, HKT48 and SDN48. Apart from SDN48 who were at Tokyo Big Sight in Odaiba, the rest took place in their own theaters. There was a live link up with all 4 other concerts and in the climax they all sang Sakura No Hanabiratachi together.

Unfortunately at the SKE48 concert, Team S member Kanako Hiramatsu tripped and in the process managed to fracture her right foot. She’ll be out of action for at least 6 weeks and will recover at home.

Get well soon Kanako.

Disappointing Sales For SDN48’s Last Single

8 03 2012

I expected SDN48’s last single Makeoshimi Congratulation to do really well in the Oricon Charts when it was released yesterday and it did on the first day but today it has since dropped out of the Top 5 in the daily charts which is really disappointing. There was never any chance of them beating Arashi for the no.1 weekly position but it would have been nice to see them take the no.2 spot.It’s only the 2nd day I know but the single has been released in a very tough week for them.

The first day saw them nearly topping 60k but way behind Arashi who sold over 200k. Today saw them drop to no.8. Exact sales is unknown but it’s probably something between 3 – 5k which is really poor. I thought the fans would have backed them big time seeing as it’s their last single and besides the leading track is a good one as well. I’m hoping sales will pick up again especially over the weekend. SDN48 needs to go out with a bang and not a whimper.

Come on AKB/SKE/NMB/HKT fans – support these girls in their last single. You know it makes sense.

SDN48 – Makeoshimi Congratulation PV

4 03 2012

So here it is, the PV for the final SDN48 single Makeoshimi Congratulation. It’s strange to think that come the end of this month SDN48 will be more and the members will go their seperate ways. The PV is set in 2022, 10 years after the graduation of the group at a reunion party and we get to find out what has happened to them in their lives e.g CinDy has become a mother to triplets and we see that AKB48 is still active as they appear on the TV. There’s an appearance by Yukirin and Togasaki. I love the song itself.

I think Aki-P has made a big mistake in retiring this group. They’ve still got a lot of life left in them. He should have tried harder to stick with them so I’m disappointed with him but I’m hoping that fans will give the group the best send-off they could possibly have – make this single/album reach no.1 and create one hell of a noise at their graduation concert so they know how much we’ve appreciated them over the past couple of years.

I don’t anticipate this video being on Youtube for more than 2 days so be quick in watching it.