AKB48 Beginner – 5th Day Sales

31 10 2010

Today had a slight drop in sales figures which saw Beginner sell 23,191 copies. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough for the single to break through the 800k mark but I’m sure that’ll easily be done tomorrow. The grand total now stands at 791,295.

Here’s a performance of Beginner on Music Japan below. I’ve noticed that Miichan has been wearing glasses for some promotion appearances for Beginner. Has she got a problem with her eyes? She looks great with the glasses!

AKB48 Beginner – 4th Day Sales

30 10 2010

I’m a bit late in posting the 4th day sales figures! Saturday saw another large drop but still good enough to hold onto the no.1 spot in the daily charts. They sold an extra 26,077 copies to push Beginner’s grand total up to 768,186. I hope sales will improve a little bit tomorrow for the single to crawl over the 800k mark.

AKB48 Beginner 3rd Day Sales – It’s Official! Highest Selling 2010 Single!

29 10 2010

It only took them 3 days but finally AKB48 overtook Arashi at the top of the pile and became the highest selling single of the year. There was another dip in sales figures today- they sold 61,863 copies to bring the overall total at 742,109. I think 800k at the end of the first week looks possible now. Well done AKB48!!

I finally had a chance last night to look at the censored Beginner PV. I couldn’t look at it on Tuesday and Wednesday due to Youko’s region lock which I found pretty annoying but I managed to find another alternative. I loved the PV itself. OK, so it’s a bit violent but as other fans have pointed out AKB48’s target audience isn’t kids so I don’t agree that changing the PV was a wise idea in the end. They should have stuck with it.

AKBingo 27th October 2010 Summary

28 10 2010

We’re back with yet another edition of Time Pressure:Battle Burger Shop. The teams are:

Kyo-Takki Team (Kiyoto): Takamina, Mayu, Sasshi, Mikapon, Kojima and Mariko

Boss Burger Team (Sata) : Yuko, Tomochin, Rumi Yonezawa, Myao, Yukirin and Sae

I’ll state the rules once more in case there’s somebody new watching the game for the first time. The object of the game is each of the first 5 girls in the team has a burger on a moving conveyor belt flip open to reveal a certain object. They must say something in 5 seconds that associates with the object without actually revealing what it is. The last girl at the end should manage to guess what the object is with all the clues that the rest of her team have given her.

First up is Sata’s team with Sae as the final member guessing the first object correctly which was a conbini store. Kiyoto’s team with Mariko as the final member also got their first object (location) right which was Shibuya

Round 2 of this stage and Sata’s team gets it right once more. I’m not sure what the correct answer was – it sounded like Sae said Fukugawa Yuki? Kiyoto’s team also got theirs right with the answer being Takamina. No episode of AKBingo is complete without some Takamina ribbing!!

Round 3 sees Sae on a roll getting all 3 of her answers right. This one being “monomane” I think.

At the half way stage of the game the Boss Burger Team is 3-2 up!

The game moves onto the 2nd stage. Same game as before – they get to draw something in 5 seconds which associates with the object that the end girl gets to guess. The teams have changed into:

Kyo-Takki Team: Kojima, Kitarie, Chiyuu, Mariko, Mayu and Takamina

Boss Burger: Tomochin, Miichan, Kikuchi, Sae, Moeno and Yuko

Round 1 – Takamina got her answer right which was a hot air balloon. Sata’s team with Yuko answering also got theirs right which was “okosama lunch”.

Round 2 – Takamina got her 2nd picture correct which was a “catcher” but this is the moment in which the game turned in Kiyoto’s team favour with Yuko getting her answer all wrong. It was funny seeing her facial expressions trying to guess who was in the picture drawn. She guessed Santa Claus but it was in fact the samurai Saigo Takamori. The statue of him walking his dog stands near the Southern entrance of Ueno Park. You can’t miss it in the park!

Round 3 – Mayu came to the rescue of her team with her great drawing skills as Takamina correctly guessed Mona Lisa as the answer. I don’t think she would have got the answer right if it wasn’t for Mayu.

Game over with Kiyoto’s team edging a tight game 5-4

Phrasemuseum is between Acchan and Miichan. No surprises in that Acchan won!

To end the show we’ve got a live studio performance of Beginner with Tomochin in the centre. It’s the same as last week basically.

And that’s it for this week. More Muchaburi Dodgeball in the next episode. Can’t wait for that.

AKB48 Beginner – 2nd Day Sales

28 10 2010

There was quite a big drop in sales figures for the 2nd day and I thought they’d overtake Arashi as the biggest selling single of the year but that failed to materialise but there’s always tomorrow for that to happen. It was still quite an impressive figure considering so many copies were sold yesterday. The figure was 112,151 bringing the overall total up to 680,246. I guess it’ll be tomorrow when AKB48 will break through the 700k barrier for the 1st time.

Beginner Destroys AKB48’s Previous Best 1st Day Sales

27 10 2010

The figures are finally out for the first day sales of Beginner and it far exceeded what I thought it would be – the figure is in fact 568,095!!!! It has destroyed AKB48’s previous best by a long shot (Heavy Rotation sold 340,487 on the first day) and who knows what the final total for the 1st week will be? The single will definitely be the biggest selling single of the year and that there is no doubt. Congratulations to all the girls. I’m sure they’re all shocked by how well the single has sold today. All eyes will be on tomorrow now and how well they do on the 2nd day.

Oricon Top 30 Charts – Week 43

27 10 2010

30 Does – Jack Knife
29 Ayumi Hamasaki – Virgin Road
28 TAMURAPAN – Rough
27 Kaori Uesugi – Sui Nada
26 Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi – Try Again
25 Fuyumi Sakamoto – Zutto Anata Ga Sukideshita
24 Kara – Mister
23 Takeshi Tsuruno – Sugarvine
22 Azusa – Kimi no Mamade
21 EXILE – Motto Tsuyoku
20 maika – Kokoro
19 Girls Generation – Genie
18 Kotoko – Loop-the-Loop
16 Yukana – Koi wa Mizuiro
15 fripSIDE – future gazer
14 AKB48 – Heavy Rotation
13 Go Hiromi – Aishiteru
12 Shota Shimizu – Kimi Ga Kurasu Machi
11 EXILE – I Wish For You
10 Kiyoshi Hikawa – Nijiiro No Bayon
09 The Cro-Magnons – Auto-bike To Kawa Jumper To Curry
08 Sphere – MOON SIGNAL
07 Claris – Irony
06 Arashi – Dear Snow
05 Maaya Sakamoto – DOWN TOWN
04 Bump Of Chicken – Uchuu Hikoushi Heno Tegami
03 The Rootless – One Day
02 Girls Generation – Gee
01 NYC – Yoku Asobi Yoku Manabe