Wall Picture Stolen From AKB Theater

30 07 2011

In a first for the AKB48 Theater, a picture has actually been stolen from the place. It’s not an actual AKB48 member picture that’s been nicked but one of Aimi Eguchi!! Somebody must be a real fan of her………..or it could be a hater that doesn’t want to see her face on the wall. How the person managed to take down the picture and sneak past the Theater staff is incredible. There’s an appeal for the thief to return the picture to the Theater. It would be a shame if security cameras have to be installed there because of one incident. It begs the question – why is her picture up on the wall anyway as she isn’t a proper member to begin with!

Aimi Eguchi – How She Was Created

20 06 2011

By now, all of you should know that Aimi Eguchi has been revealed as being a fake idol created by Glico for their Aisu no Mi product. The link  (thanks Joseph) to Glico’s website and the video below shows which parts they used from various AKB48 members to create her: Yuko’s hair/body, Takamina’s outline, Acchan’s eyes, Mayuyu’s eyebrows, Tomochin’s nose and Mariko’s mouth. 12th gen kenkyuusei Yukari Sasaki provided her voice.

As this is now out in the open, Glico has unveiled a surprise on their website. You can create your own idol using parts from 47 AKB48 members. I haven’t had a go yet but might try something later on today.

Glico’s Aisu no Mi website: http://www.icenomi.com/oshimen/index.html

Aimi Eguchi – The Debate Whether She’s Real Or Not Rages On

15 06 2011

I thought the debate regarding Aimi Eguchi whether she was real or not was more or less over – she’s fake and is a composition of AKB48 members so why is AKB48 management claiming that she’s real even after Team K’s Ayaka Kikuchi said on her blog she was fake. It seems that Ayarin has made a huge mistake in saying this as her blog entry has now been edited to delete this piece of information. This was her original blog entry: ““Eguchi Aimi-san is cute ❤ She’s just too pretty! lol lol lol She’s in the 12.5 generation~ I also did a shoot! I wonder when a part of my face will be used (hehe)”. Glico in which Aimi Eguchi is part of a campaign for their product is even refusing to comment on anything about her.

This is what AKB48’s management company AKS has said about Aimi: “She’s real! She didn’t take the 12th generation auditions, so we had to quickly accept her (into generation 12.5)”. This is getting even more strange now but I still believe she’s fake. Fans have uncovered another piece of the puzzle that may be linked to this curious story. In February, Yuko posted a blog entry with dots all over her face. She didn’t say at the time what it was all about but many are saying this was a shoot to create Aimi.

Let’s see her perform live with other AKB48 members in front of an audience – that’s the only way AKB48 management can prove to us that she’s real otherwise we will never believe that she’s anything more than a CG creation.