Mariko Attends The King Tut Exhibit In Osaka

19 03 2012

Take a look at these gorgeous pictures of Mariko Shinoda as she attended the official opening ceremony of King Tut Exhibit: Golden Treasures and the Young King’s Truth last Thursday which is set to open at the Tempozan Tokusetsu Gallery in Osaka on April 17th.

Mariko wore the golden dress because when she thought about the country of Egypt the colour gold came to her mind. When somebody in the audience asked a stupid question ‘which AKB48 member is most similar to King Tut?’, Mariko responded that would be Sayaka as she’s half filipino and the King’s attire would look good on her. I had to laugh at that response.


Mariko Unveils Her Wedding Collection Designs

26 01 2012

AKB48 member and fashion designer Mariko Shinoda unveiled her latest fashion collection today at a press conference which were all bridal gowns under the name ‘Love Mary’ in collaboration with bridal creator KURAUDIA. She has created 10 gowns in total over a period of 6 months (some of them in various colors) which will be available for rental in July. Seeing as Mariko is a bit of a fashion icon for a lot of young Japanese women, you can be sure that many will snap up the chance to wear one of her designs if they have a Summer wedding planned. What do you think about them? Would you wear one of her designs for your wedding?

MARIKO Magazine A Huge Success

4 11 2011

Mariko Shinoda’s new fashion magazine entitled MARIKO Magazine sold just over 31k during it’s first week on general release which placed it in 3rd place on Oricon’s Weekly Book Ranking. She was only narrowly beaten from becoming second. We all know that Mariko took charge of everything for her magazine even going on photoshoots to London. Her hard work in doing this has paid off handsomely for her. I would imagine that with the success this edition has created, she’ll no doubt want to do another new edition soon. As much as AKB48 fans don’t want to hear of this, Mariko’s time in the group will certainly come to an end I think next year. She’ll be 26 years old in March 2012 and will think it’s time to move on to other exciting things in her life. You don’t see many idols of that age. One thing she can do is concentrate fully without the need for AKB48 distraction on this magazine – if that’s what she wants to do?

Fans Celebrate Mariko’s Victory

20 09 2011

Check out this video on Youtube which was shot in a cinema somewhere I assume in Japan where they were broadcasting the janken tournament. Witness the moment that Mariko won the tournament. The fans in the cinema were mostly rooting for Mariko and looked to be very happy as she won.

EDIT: Here’s another video just before the tournament started – some fans are interviewed and we see the bus containing AKB48 members arriving at the Budokan (although we don’t see any of them).

Mariko Gets Her Own Fashion Magazine

22 08 2011

To be published on October 28th, Mariko has become the chief editor of her own fashion magazine which is called MARIKO MAGAZINE.

Mariko has probably more fans outside the AKB48 world than anybody else where she’s incredibly popular with women for her fashion taste and her modelling in the magazine “More”. It makes sense therefore that she should have her own magazine. A magazine of her own has been Mariko’s wish for a long time. Her magazine was supposed to be coming out a lot sooner but she was still finalising the contents for it plus with her AKB48 work it made that impossible to do so it was decided that in the Autumn would be the ideal time to launch the magazine.

The featured  photos for her new magazine has taken place at one of Mariko’s favorite cities – London (has she ever been to this country at all?). Some of the other contents that you’ll find in MARIKO MAGAZINE will be how to do your hair just like Mariko, make-up tips and exercise routines. There’s also a special deluxe edition of the magazine coming out which will have an exclusive 2012 Mariko calendar.

You can already pre-order the magazine online on Amazon Japan. It’s likely to be sold out very quickly.

Female Idol Announcer Survey

20 07 2011

With Konkon, formerly of Morning Musume now a full time TV announcer, Goo decided to ask it’s users which current idol would also be a good announcer. 6 AKB48 members managed to be in the Top 10 but did any manage to become no.1. Take a look below:

01. Mariko Shinoda (AKB48) – 4387 votes
02. Yuki Kashiwagi (AKB48) – 2458 votes
03. Yuko Oshima (AKB48) – 2226 votes
04. Other Names – 1447 votes
05. Minami Takahashi (AKB48) – 762 votes
06. Abe Natsumi (Dream Morning Musume) – 712 votes
07. Atsuko Maeda (AKB48) – 652 votes
08. Aya Matsuura – 626 votes
09. Kojima Haruna (AKB48) – 537 votes
10. Rika Ishikawa (Dream Morning Musume) – 523 votes

Mariko is coming to that age when many idols are pensioned off to do other things. Perhaps if acting roles don’t come her way, she could try announcing instead and of course she does have her modelling assignments to fall back on if times did become hard.


Mariko To Star In New Lismo Channel Program

20 07 2011

Mariko Shinoda will be taking part in a new program by mobile serice au on their LISMO channel entitled “Princess Mariko loves apps ♪ for LISMO channel”. The program will see Mariko introduce fun and unique apps for android mobile phones from all over the world. The intention of the program is to try and attract new customers to the new au smartphone service “LISMO channel for Smart Phone”.

Mariko’s new program will begin distributing today and in a couple of hours time (3pm Tokyo time) she will hold a public recording to introduce the LISMO Channel app.