Most Loved/Most Hated Women Of 2011

8 05 2011

The tabloid magazine BUBKA published it’s annual rankings of most loved and most hated women of 2011 as voted by it’s readers. As you’ll see by the women on the hated list, I’m very surprised and curious as to why several of the names down on the list has been chosen but first let’s have a look at the Most Loved list which contains several AKB48 members.

The Most-Loved Women of 2011

01 – 319 votes – Ayase Haruka
02 – 286 votes – Sasaki Nozomi
03 – 261 votes – Maeda Atsuko (AKB48)
04 – 245 votes – Itano Tomomi (AKB48)
05 – 238 votes – Shinoda Mariko (AKB48)
06 – 197 votes – Hara Mikie
07 – 165 votes – Kitagawa Keiko
08 – 136 votes – Horikita Maki
09 – 124 votes – Oshima Yuko (AKB48)
10 – 113 votes – Aragaki Yui
11 – 104 votes – Takei Emi
12 – 96 votes – Fukada Kyoko
13 – 88 votes – Ueto Aya
14 – 76 votes – Yamamoto Azusa
15 – 62 votes – Yuuka
16 – 60 votes – Watanabe Mayu (AKB48)
17 – 53 votes – Naka Riisa
18 – 46 votes – Kichise Michiko
19 – 41 votes – Kashiwagi Yuki (AKB48)
20 – 34 votes – Suzuki Airi (°C-ute)

I can’t really comment on Ayase Haruka as I’ve never seen her in anything but she looks like a nice enough person and it’s good to see Acchan at no.3 followed by Tomochin and Mariko.

The Most-Despised Women of 2011

01 – 612 votes – Sawajiri Erika
02 – 189 votes – Saeko
03 – 166 votes – Komukai Minako
04 – 145 votes – Ueno Juri
05 – 142 votes – Becky
06 – 113 votes – Okamoto Mari
07 – 92 votes – Itano Tomomi (AKB48)
08 – 90 votes – Ueto Aya
09 – 82 votes – Ogura Yuko
10 – 77 votes – Toda Erika
11 – 72 votes – Yoshitaka Yuriko
12 – 61 votes – Hoshino Aki
13 – 53 votes – Kinoshita Yukina
14 – 45 votes – Michishige Sayumi (Morning Musume)
15 – 41 votes – Hirosue Ryoko

It shouldn’t be any surprise to see who’s at no.1 in the Most Hated list. I’m not sure what Erika can do to make the Japanese general public like her again. She’s trying her best to change but it’s going to take a while for people to forget what she did in the past. I’m really shocked to see Becky, Juri Ueno, Aya Ueto and Erika Toda on this list. What have they done to deserve being on it? I don’t think they’ve been in any damaging scandals over the past year. Becky for instance has been one of the most active Japanese actresses that has been raising money and helping out people that have been affected by the tsunami. BUBKA readers must have short memories. Tomochin who’s at no.7 is one of those AKB48 members that can split people’s opinions about her so no wonder she appears on both lists. Aya Ueto is here because she’s embarked on a relationship with EXILE’s Hiro and the fans are pissed off or jealous of her.

Due to the number of votes being so small, don’t make the mistake of thinking that the 2 lists represent the feelings of the majority of Japanese people because they probably don’t do that at all. I’d like to see a nationwide survey with more people involved asking which actress they like and hate to see if it would come close to matching the BUBKA lists.

Erika Sawajiri Involved In Possible New Controversy

15 02 2011

Erika Sawajiri never seems to be out of the headlines these days and is now involved in a possible new controversy. Erika has returned back to Spain alone where she has stayed since 2009 and there are rumours that she has a new boyfriend there who’s 29 years old and is 5’10” in height. But that’s not the issue here. There are rumours buzzing around that her new boyfriend is a cultivator of marijuana and this brings with it unwelcome attention to Erika who is trying to restart her career in Japan. This will not help things at all. Pictures of Erika with this man has surfaced on Facebook. There’s been no word from Erika herself but her mother has denied the story saying that it’s a complete lie and she has no new lover. If the rumours are indeed true she can kiss her comeback goodbye because no agency in Japan will want anything to do with her again.

Erika Sawajiri IS Getting A Divorce

23 01 2011

Today saw Erika Sawajiri tell the Japanese press what they’d all been waiting for and that was to say that she is indeed getting a divorce and that procedures are in their final stages.  In a tearful press conference at the Takano Yuri Beauty Clinic, she revealed that she and Takashiro Tsuyoshi have both mutually agreed on the divorce. So all the rumours about both of them getting back together were rubbish. It seems the only reason that they were seen together was to finalise the divorce proceedings. She didn’t answer any questions from the media.

Erika stated that she has no work lined up although she does want to return to acting. Whether AVEX is still interested in her after this press conference is unknown. However it’s not all doom and gloom for her. An announcement is expected on February 28th about a possible CM contract for Erika.

Erika has burnt a lot of bridges whilst she’s been away from Japan and it’s going to take a long time before the Japanese public warm up to her once more. I wish her the very best of luck in achieving this.

EDIT: Erika’s soon-to-be-ex-husband has objected to her interview yesterday. He wasn’t too happy at all that details on the divorce were given to the press and wants Erika to tell the whole truth about what’s going on. He feels aggrieved that the press is trying to be on her side once more. This saga is set to get nasty in the near future I believe. Expect Erika to issue a statement about this latest development.

The Latest On Erika Sawajiri

13 01 2011

One of the most hated female celebs in Japan is finally back in her homeland. That’s right, Erika Sawajiri touched down in Narita at 10am this morning but refused to answer any questions for waiting reporters before heading to her home. She was expected to come back for the Christmas & New Year holidays but it seems she elected to stay in Spain where she’s been for the past couple of months.

The media are of course desperate to find out what the hell is going on with her marriage – is it on or off? There was rumours during October that she had reconciled with her husband so that’ll put her at loggerheads with companies that want to work with Erika but have told her to divorce her husband first. It’s unknown how long she’ll stay in Japan and if there are any potential work offers going to come her way during her time back in Tokyo.

I’m sure Erika will keep everybody guessing on her situation until the time is right for her to reveal all.

EDIT: Erika is scheduled to make a press conference on January 23rd which will clear everything up about her current situation. The speculation about companies specifically AVEX not giving her a contract until she divorces has prompted AVEX President Max Matsuura to say that nothing of the sort was ever said and that it’s all rumours by the media.

Top 10 Most Hated Japanese Female Celebs 2010

13 11 2010

For the past 3 years Erika Sawajiri has been no.1 on the most hated Japanese female celebs ranking by women readers of the magazine Shukan Bunshun but this year she’ll be glad to know that she’s no longer at the top. The bad news is she’s only dropped down to no.2 so she still isn’t very popular in the country. The countdown goes like this:

10 Norika Fujiwara
09 Sayumi Michishige
08 Isono Kiri
07 Hosoki Kazuko
06 Koda Kumi
05 Renho
04 Masami Hisamoto
03 Akiko Wada
02 Erika Sawajiri
01 Tani Ryoko

I’m surprised to see Sayumi Michishige and Koda Kumi on the list. I’m guessing that Japanese women don’t like her ‘I’m so cute’ character that Sayumi plays – I’ve never found it annoying. It’s only an act after all. And as for Kumi – what has she done wrong this year? Women still aren’t upset at her comments last year about amniotic fluid being rotten in the womb if you’re over 35 years old and pregnant are they?

I’ve got to admit I’ve never heard of the person at no.1 – Tani Ryoko before but I’ve read that she’s supposed to be popular and a good sportswoman but maybe after entering politics she’s pissed off some people?

Erika Sawajiri Getting Divorced

28 04 2010

There have been rumours floating about for a while that Erika might be getting divorced from her husband. On Fuji TV’s programme “Mr Sunday”, they said that she is indeed going to divorce from Tsuyoshi Takashiro. The media waited to hear from Erika herself. Then came the official announcement on her website that the news was true and she is definitely getting divorced.  Nobody knows why she’s splitting from her husband but apparently the favorite speculation is that it has something to do with financial troubles.

Already the knives are out for Erika saying that she’s a gold digger who only married her husband for the money and now she’s getting divorced she’ll get a nice big fat chunk of his wealth. I don’t think this news will change anybody’s opinion in Japan about her. She might be hated even more actually because of it.

In other Sawajiri news, her plans for a comeback in Japan is making progress and she may be signed up soon with non other than AVEX. They have confirmed that they are in talks with her and have plans for her to make an acting comeback in a TV drama series.

Erika Sawajiri Tops Hated Poll For 3rd Year Running

16 11 2009

This news is a month old but I thought I’d post it anyway. Japanese magazine Shuukan Bunshun ran a poll with readers being asked to vote which Japanese female celebrity they hate. Not surprisingly Erika Sawajiri came out on top, the unfortunate thing is she’s been top now for 3 years in a row. Is there anybody in Japan with a good word to say about her? Has her reputation been torn to shreds in such a way that there’s no way for her to come back? Well according to some rumours it appears her marriage may be on the rocks. They’re implying that Erika has been saying not so nice words about her husband to people. Despite being fired by her agency recently, it seems the door to coming back into the showbiz world may not be completely closed to her………….if she divorces her husband that is. Her former agency viewed her husband as a nuisance to their business and a bad influence on Erika. We’ll see what happens in the future but right now Erika is not in Japan and who can blame her for fleeing the country once more. I’d imagine she’d be vilified if she went out in public. Her whereabouts are somewhere in Europe – possibly London again or Spain.

If Erika came out on top in the poll, who were the others that came after her. It’s got Wada Akiko at no.2 and comedian Masami Hisamoto at no.3. I don’t know either but I do know the person at no 4 and that is the shamed actress/musician Noriko Sakai. I’d like to see the complete list of the people in this poll to see if I recognise anymore of them.

What’s your opinion about Erika Sawajiri? Is the Japanese people’s hatred of her justified or has this gone too far now and enough is enough?