Some Thoughts About The Election

6 06 2012

Wow, what an emotionally draining event that was but I enjoyed every single second of it. First of all many congratulations to Yuko on her victory – was the result of her winning in any doubt? Nah, she won quite comfortably in the end. It was so nice of Acchan to appear and give some flowers to her. To hear her say that she was happy seeing Yuko winning the election was so touching. I nearly cried watching that!!!

A big big congratulations to my beautiful oshi Umechan. I’m incredibly proud of you for getting into the senbatsu for the next single. A climb of 6 places for her. I was so happy for you that I started to cry!!!

My jaw dropped when I heard Yukirin was staying at no.3 like last year – I think the crowd at the Budokan gasped as well. I never thought that Mayuyu would beat Yukirin so well done to her. Who knows what will happen next year – can she become no.1?

I’m sorry for swearing but f**k you to all the Sasshi haters out there. She’s Top 4 and deserves it so get over it because she’s there to stay. Very happy with Sasshi’s placing.

Another shocker for me was Jurina beating Rena. I’ve always thought that Rena was more popular than Jurina but fair play to her fans. They pulled through for her.

Very surprised to see Akicha placed so low and you could see how disappointed she was. For the remainder of the election she looked so sad and downhearted. Anybody know why she’s gone down this year? I did feel sorry for her. The center of the Undergirls is something to be proud of I suppose.

Tomochin seemed happier this year compared to last year’s election. I don’t think she expected to climb that much so she was comfortable with what she achieved. Other disappointments for me was not seeing Miichan in the Top 10 and Takamina not in the Top 5. When will fans realise that Takamina is the heart and soul of the group and she deserves to be in the Top 5.

I did think that we were going to get a repeat of last year when Yui started to hyperventilate and it was nice of her colleagues to cheer her on as she struggled with her speech.

For those members in the lower rankings – very very shocked at Lovetan’s big drop in popularity but thankfully she took the result with dignity and didn’t throw a hissy fit. Fresh Lemon was funny as always and it was great to see Kana Kobayashi, Chisato Nakata and Sayaka Nakaya appear for the first time. They looked extremely happy to have been acknowledged at last by the fans. Good to see Wasamin so high in the election as well. I look forward to seeing her as the center of Next Girls.

What happened with Haruu? Isn’t she a popular member with Team 4 or are Japanese fans not too keen on her loud personality? Considering that the fans thought she’d make a better captain than Minarun I was stunned by her omission from the Top 64.

Very nice speech by Mariko basically with a challenge for the younger members to step it up if they want to overtake their sempais.

Let’s hear how you felt about the election. Were you happy with how things turned out or are you disappointed?

AKB48 27th Single Election Result

6 06 2012

I will post my thoughts about the whole event in my next post but first here are the results in full:


64. Mika Komori
63. Yuka Nakanishi
62. Miki Yakata
61. Sumire Sato
60. Mayu Ogasawara
59. Shizuka Oya
58. Miori Ichikawa
57. Mina Oba
56. Kimoto Kanon
55. Nito Moeno
54. Suzuran Yamauchi
53. Sakiko Matsui
52. Aika Oota
51. Ayaka Kikuchi
50. Haruka Ishida
49. Tomu Mutou – CENTER


48. Haruka Katayama
47. Sakura Miyawaki
46. Nana Yamada
45. Yuka Tano
44. Haruka Nakagawa
43. Aina Fukumoto
42. Ami Maeda
41. Kana Kobayashi
40. Reina Fujie
39. Mariya Nagao
38. Miho Miyazaki
37. Chisato Nakata
36. Sayaka Nakaya
35. Manatsu Mukaida
34. Kaori Matsumura
33. Misaki Iwasa – CENTER


32. Shiori Ogiso
31. Kisaki Yuria
30. Airi Furukawa
29. Akari Suda
28. Kumi Yagami
27. Masana Oya
26. Yuka Masuda
25. Hata Sawako
24. Akane Takayanagi
23. Haruka Shimazaki
22. Asuka Kuramochi
21. Amina Sato
20. Sayaka Akimoto
19. Miyuki Watanabe
18. Sayaka Yamamoto
17. Aki Takajo – CENTER


16. Ayaka Umeda – YES!!!!!!!!!
15. Yui Yokoyama
14. Minami Minegishi
13. Rie Kitahara
12. Tomomi Kasai
11. Sae Miyazawa
10. Rena Matsui
09. Jurina Matsui
08. Tomomi Itano
07. Kojima Haruna
06. Minami Takahashi
05. Mariko Shinoda
04. Rino Sashihara
03. Yuki Kashiwagi
02. Mayu Watanabe
01. Yuko Oshima – CENTER

AKB48 – Record Breakers Again/1st Day Prelim Results

23 05 2012

It’s been quite an exciting day for me especially with the prelim results concerning my oshi but we’ll get to that later. Let’s concentrate on the phenomenal sales for Manatsu no Sounds Good first. I think the majority of us knew that they would crack the million barrier today but by how much? With 2 million copies of the single having been shipped out, fans were thinking perhaps 1.5m would be sold but the actual figure was 1,170,554 – the best ever first day sales yet and breaking another record for them. It easily beats last year’s election single which sold 942,475 on it’s first day. Who knows how much they will sell by this time next week?

So then, onto the Senbatsu Election voting which started yesterday. I got the biggest surprise today seeing Umechan’s name in the senbatsu. I’m deliriously happy for her and hope she’ll maintain this position. For everybody that’s voted for her you have my thanks. I am sure we’ll hear Umechan’s thoughts on this in her blog/Google+ account. There’s nothing that surprising about the Top 10 at all but I do like the tussle that’s going on between W Matsui. Please remember that what you see below represents 10%, yes ONLY 10% of the votes. There’s a lot of people yet to vote. So where does your oshi stand in the list below:

64. Miku Tanabe (616 votes)
63. Yuka Nakanishi (618 votes)
62. Sayaka Eto (641 votes)
61. Ayaka Kikuchi (653 votes)
60. Misato Nonaka (701 votes)
59. Miori Ichikawa (702 votes)
57. Yukiko Kinoshita (750 votes)
57. Natsumi Matsubara (750 votes)
56. Mina Oba (786 votes)
55. Ami Maeda (810 votes)
54. Aina Fukumoto (816 votes)
53. Mariya Nagao (818 votes)
52. Aika Ota (912 votes)
51. Haruka Katayama (955 votes)
50. Shizuka Oya (964 votes)
49. Miho Miyazaki (970 votes)

48. Haruka Ishida (985 votes)
47. Suzuran Yamauchi (988 votes)
46. Kanako Hiramatsu (998 votes)
45. Misaki Iwasa (1023 votes)
44. Kanon Kimoto (1039 votes)
43. Kana Kobayashi (1110 votes)
42. Nana Yamada (1136 votes)
41. Reina Fujie (1166 votes)
40. Chisata Nakata (1188 votes)
39. Kaori Matsumura (1194 votes)
38. Haruka Nakagawa (1244 votes)
37. Miki Yakata (1345 votes)
36. Sayaka Nakaya (1348 votes)
35. Yuria Kizaki (1624 votes)
34. Asuka Kuramochi (1653 votes)
33. Kumi Yagami (1671 votes)

32. Sayaka Akimoto (1743 votes)
31. Mayu Ogasawara (1746 votes)
30. Tomu Muto (1757 votes)
29. Shiori Ogiso (1788 votes)
28. Masana Oya (1919 votes)
27. Manatsu Mukaida (1948 votes)
26. Akari Suda (2149 votes)
25. Yuka Masuda (2182 votes)
24. Sawako Hata (2312 votes)
22. Airi Furukawa (2340 votes)
22. Haruka Shimazaki (2340 votes)
21. Amina Sato (2392 votes)
20. Akane Takayanagi (2471 votes)
19. Miyuki Watanabe (2976 votes)
18. Sayaka Yamamoto (3218 votes)
17. Tomomi Kasai (3227 votes)

16. Rie Kitahara (3302 votes)
15. Minami Minegishi (3396 votes)
14. AYAKA UMEDA (3484 votes)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
13. Aki Takajo (3661 votes)
12. Yui Yokoyama (4301 votes)
11. Kojima Haruna (5334 votes)
10. Sae Miyazawa (6280 votes)
09. Tomomi Itano (6595 votes)
08. Jurina Matsui (7795 votes)
07. Rena Matsui (8460 votes)
06. Mariko Shinoda (8619 votes)
05. Minami Takahashi (8955 votes)
04. Rino Sashihara (9377 votes)
03. Mayu Watanabe (11329 votes)
02. Yuki Kashiwagi (12654 votes)
01. Yuko Oshima (15093 votes)

PS – Umechan found out about her position from her mother!! She called to tell her the result. Umechan was too scared to look at the results! She’s very surprised about how well she’s doing and even cried on the phone. I’m hoping for more tears on the 6th June – tears of joy!!

What’s Going On With SKE48?

16 05 2012

I checked the ORICON STYLE website at lunchtime to have a look to see the 1st day sales for SKE48’s new single Aishiteraburu! and was astounded by the very low sales they achieved. I did have to look twice if my eyes were deceiving me. They only sold 98,952 which is very odd as usually you expect something over 250k. Even Nogizaka 46′ last single did better on the first day! So what the hell has happened? Is the single not good enough or are fans saving up their money to buy multiple copies of AKB48’s single next week in order to cast many votes in the senbatsu election? It’s possible that the Theater Editions hasn’t been shipped out yet or that’s what many fans are saying but if sales don’t improve in the next couple of days this would be embarassing for SKE48 who have seen their sales steadily building up with their past couple of releases.

Another problem is the stupid amount of releases that are being churned out weekly by not only the main 000 groups but sub-units/solo artistsĀ  as well. Management need to look at the dates with single releases and try and space them out better in the calendar year. It’s just been one release after another recently and this isn’t the first time for this to happen. Don’t they realise that the majority of fans aren’t rich and we can’t afford to buy every single that comes out especially with multiple versions. Money doesn’t hang off trees that we can just pluck off like leaves and happily trudge off to the shops to buy the CD’s. I have to choose carefully what I buy and the releases that I do miss out I usually buy when I visit Japan.

Anyway I did go off on a rant there but I really hope that SKE48’s sales will pick up before the weekend.

AKB48 4th Senbatsu Election Predictions

14 05 2012

Next week will see AKB48 release their newest single and with it comes the all important voting slips for you to pick the member you want to see as being the center for the 27th single which will be released in August.

With Acchan out of the election, it is obvious that Yuko will take Acchan’s crown as no.1 but as for the rest, there is no doubt there will be many members jockeying for positions and where they will end up in the Top 10 isn’t that easy to predict. I don’t think anybody will stay in the same position they were last year and I’m sure there will be a surprise or two come the election results on June 6th. As much as I would love to see my beloved oshi Umechan in the senbatsu I don’t think it’s going to happen but I’m staying loyal to her and will cast my 2 votes to her. I think she will improve on the no.22 position she achieved last year, possibly up to no.16.

So here’s who I think will be in the Top 10:

1. Yuko Oshima
2. Rino Sashihara
3. Mayu Watanabe
4. Yuki Kashiwagi
5. Mariko Shinoda
6. Minami Takahashi
7. Rena Matsui
8. Kojima Haruna
9. Minami Minegishi
10. Tomomi Itano

Sasshi has had a phenomenal 12 months and I think this will show and she will make a major move up from no.9 last year to possibly no.2 but it’s going to be a close run thing with Mayuyu. I know that Mariko usually does well in the elections but I can see her dropping a place or two this year. Another surprise which I’m predicting is finally Miichan hitting the Top 10. I can’t see Jurina or even Sayanee/Milky denting the Top 10 but I’m guessing they will make the Top 16.

Who do you see in your Top 10 for the election?

Did Jurina Have A Seizure During Fukuoka Performance?

19 03 2012

From a magazine article, it’s been reported that SKE48 member Jurina Matsui collapsed and had a seizure after a performance at the HKT Theater last month. It’s been said that Jurina hasn’t been well for a while and that the toll of having a busy workload finally caught up with her. She could barely move apparently after the final song at the show (her right leg had been strapped due to it feeling tight) and had to be physically helped off stage by the SKE Theater Manager and fellow Team S member Kanako Hiramatsu.

Is it too much to ask for somebody that’s only turned 15 years old to be given a rest sometimes. The girl’s schedule is punishing and probably Jurina herself wouldn’t want a bit of a break thinking it would cause problems but if she doesn’t then I’m afraid her health will suffer. She did take 3 days off to recover thankfully after this incident. Jurina has to know her own limits.

Please Jurina for your own sake, take extra care of your health and don’t do too much. You feel that as the center of SKE48 that you can’t let people down but you’re only human after all. The fans want to continue to see your smile and energy so if you’re not feeling well take some time out. It’s worrying me a bit as I’d hate for Jurina to be laid off long term.

Request Hour Set List Best 100 2012 (The Next 100 Songs – 101 to 200)

12 03 2012

Maybe some of you like myself have been wondering which position the songs you voted for and didn’t make it into the Top 100 at the Request Hour concerts were placed. I certainly was especially with my vote for Gondola Lift. But fear not as Togasaki posted the next 100 songs (101 – 200) on Google + for everybody to see. So here’s how the ranking looks like:

101 – Mikazuki no Senaka (c/w from NMB48 1st single Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo)
102 – Sakura no Hanabiratachi (A1)
103 – Majijo Teppen Blues (c/w from AKB48 16th single Ponytail to Shushu)
104 – Zutto Zutto (A6)
105 – Lucky Seven (c/w from AKB48 17th single Heavy Rotation)
106 – Nusumareta Kuchibiru (c/w from AKB48 16th single Ponytail to Shushu)
107 – Koike (A7)
108 – Kioku no Dilemma (H2)
109 – Kesshou (c/w from NMB48 2nd single Oh My God!)
110 – Junjou Shugi (B3)
111 – Deja vu (H1)
112 – Kimi to Niji to Taiyou to (from AKB48 album Kami-kyokutachi)
113 – Aitakatta (A2)
114 – Tonari no Banana (H2)
115 – Minasan mo Go Issho ni (B4)
116 – Tengoku Yarou (B4)
117 – Kokoro no Hashi no Sofa (K5)
118 – Guuzen no Juujiro (c/w from AKB48 20th single Sakura no Ki ni Narou)
119 – TWO ROSES (c/w from SKE48 4th single 1!2!3!4! YOROSHIKU!)
120 – Boku wa Matteru (c/w from NMB48 2nd single Oh My God!)
121 – Oshibe to Meshibe to Yoru no Chouchou (K4)
122 – BINGO (A4)
123 – Baby! Baby! Baby! (AKB48 digital single)
124 – Love Jump (c/w from AKB48 19th single Chance no Junban)
125 – Aozora Kataomoi (SKE48 2nd single)
126 – Mokugekisha (A6)
127 – Kagami no Naka no Jeanne de Arc (B3)
128 – Area K (c/w from AKB48 20th single Sakura no Ki ni Narou)
129 – Renai Kinshi Jourei (A5)
130 – Gondola Lift (c/w from AKB48 23rd single Kaze wa Fuiteiru)
131 – Nandeyanen Idol (c/w from NMB48 2nd single Oh My God!)
132 – Cross (KII3)
133 – Aisareru Tame ni (SDN48 S1)
134 – Jibun Rashisa (from AKB48 album Kami-kyokutachi)
135 – Majisuka Rock ‘n’ Roll (c/w from AKB48 15th single Sakura no Shiori)
136 – Boku no Yell (c/w from AKB48 16th single Ponytail to Shushu)
137 – Suki Suki Suki (B5)
138 – Boku no Taiyou (H1)
139 – Yoyaku Shita Christmas (c/w from AKB48 19th single Chance no Junban)
140 – Kinjirareta Futari (K2)
141 – Renai Circus (from AKB48 album Kami-kyokutachi)
142 – Finland Miracle (KII3)
143 – Tobenai Agehachou (c/w from AKB48 13th single Iiwake Maybe)
144 – Ai no Kazu (c/w from SKE48 5th single Banzai Venus)
145 – Boku ni Dekiru Koto (from AKB48 album Kami-kyokutachi)
146 – Bye Bye Bye (H2)
147 – Faint (A4)
148 – Miniskirt no Yousei (A6)
149 – 100 meter Conbini (B5)
150 – Skirt, Hirari (AKB48 2nd single)
151 – RUN RUN RUN (H1)
152 – Mangekyo (S3)
153 – Mantenrou no Kyori (A6)
154 – Kodoku na Ballerina (KII3)
155 – Anti (c/w from AKB48 21st single Everyday Kachuusha)
156 – Ougon Center (c/w from AKB48 20th single Sakura no Ki ni Narou)
157 – Kimi wa Pegasus (K3)
158 – NMB48 (N1)
159 – Saboten to Gold Rush (A6)
160 – Hoshi no Mukogawa (A6)
161 – Kaze no Yukue (from AKB48 album Kami-kyokutachi)
162 – Te wo Tsunaginagara (S2)
163 – Glory days (S2)
164 – Boku Dake no Value (c/w from AKB48 18th single Beginner)
165 – Kizashi (KII3)
166 – Ramune no Nomikata (KII3)
167 – Confession (H1)
168 – Inseki no Kakuritsu (B5)
169 – Ningyo no Vacance (from AKB48 album Kami-kyokutachi)
170 – Hatsukoi yo Konnichiwa (B5)
171 – Kiss Made 100 mile (c/w from AKB48 20th single Sakura no Ki ni Narou)
172 – Nagai Hikari (A5)
173 – Kaiyuugyo no Capacity (K4)
174 – Wimbledon he Tsureteitte (S2)
175 – Mattemashita, Shingakki (c/w from NMB48 1st single Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo)
176 – Namida no Shounan (A2)
177 – Korekara Wonderland (c/w from AKB48 21st single Everyday Kachuusha)
178 – Yuuwaku no Garter (SDN48 S1)
179 – ALIVE (c/w from AKB48 19th single Chance no Junban)
180 – Tadaima Renaichuu (A4)
181 – Idol nante Yobanaide (H1)
182 – Hito no Chikara (c/w from AKB48 21st single Everyday Kachuusha)
183 – Yasai Sisters (c/w from AKB48 17th single Heavy Rotation)
184 – Keibetsu Shiteita Aijou (A4)
185 – Koko ni ita Koto (from AKB48 album Kami-kyokutachi)
186 – Manatsu no Christmas Rose (A5)
187 – Sakura no Shiori (AKB48 15th Single)
188 – Overture – NMB48 version (N1)
189 – Utsukushiki Mono (A6)
190 – Manazashi Sayonara (KII3)
191 – Wasshoi B! (B3)
192 – Two years later (B3)
193 – GAGAGA (SDN48 1st single)
194 – MIN.MIN.MIN (SDN48 3rd single)
195 – 7ji 12fun no Hatsukoi (A4)
196 – Kimi ni au Tabi Koi wo Suru (A5)
197 – Senaka Kara Dakishimete (A2)
198 – Nounai Paradise (K3)
199 – Ashita no Tame ni Kiss wo (K6)
200 – Hazumisaki (c/w from SKE48 3rd single Gomen ne, SUMMER)