Sayaka Finishes Her 2nd Tokyo Marathon

27 02 2012

Sayaka Akimoto managed to complete her 2nd Tokyo marathon in a row yesterday and in the process knocking off nearly 75 mins from her previous best time. In 2011 she completed the gruelling course in 6 hours 53 mins and 53 seconds. This time she did it in 5 hours 39 mins and 34 seconds. Sayaka’s goal was always to do the course in under 6 hours so good on her for doing that. Sayaka’s charity this year was one that was chosen by her mother ‘Charity to Connect Lives’ – it provides medical supplies to poor families.

Many congratulations to Sayaka and watch her cross the finishing line in the clip below.

Is Sayaka or Aki-P Gackt’s Favorite AKB48 Member?

9 08 2011

Gackt has been answering questions from his fans on Twitter recently and one of them asked ‘Which is your favorite AKB48 member?’ He replied back that Akimoto was his favorite. This surprised many who thought it was funny. They did ask him to confirm whether he meant Sayaka Akimoto or Aki-P but he didn’t say anything back so now fans are wondering whether Gackt was just fooling around on Twitter. I don’t think it’s strange to see somebody like Gackt liking AKB48, after all he did like Morning Musume in the past so perhaps Sayaka is his favorite after all.

Sayaka Gets An Early Birthday Surprise

20 07 2011

July 26th sees Team K captain Sayaka Akimoto celebrate her 23rd birthday so when the cast and crew of the drama “Meitantei Conan: Kudou Shinichi no Chousenjou” in which she’s currently filming surprised her with a birthday cake she was so astonished and happy by it she started crying!

I don’t think Sayaka expected the cast and crew to make a fuss about her since it was the last day of filming and it’s nearly a week before her actual birthday so this came as a genuine shock for her especially since the birthday cake that was handed to her had her own face on it and the anime version of her character. Sayaka it seems wants to take part in more dramas and do some narration in the future.

Tomochin Quashes Sayaka Rumours

3 06 2011

Many Japanese fans have commented on last week’s AKBingo which had a Shojiki Shouji segment between Tomochin and Sayaka. The insensitive statements asked by Tomochin has prompted fans to think there’s some ill feelings between her and Team K’s captain Sayaka. News of this has reached Tomochin so to put the record straight she posted a very nice 2 shot of herself and Sayaka posing together in the hope that it’ll squash the rumours that they don’t like each other.

I think some fans don’t realise that AKBingo is scripted and whilst the statements might appear to be insensitive that’s the whole point of Shojiki Shouji – you take potshots at a fellow member in a fun and not a threatening way. Strange that nobody says anything about Takamina getting it left, right and centre in previous Shoujiki Shoji segments! I do think that many believe Tomochin is a bitchy person. It’s inevitable that in such a large group of girls some will maybe not like each other but they are professional after all and would never dare to show their contempt for a member on a TV programme. Besides Sayaka would totally kick Tomochin’s ass!!


Sayaka Reinstated As Team K Captain/New Unit

27 02 2011

As you may all remember, Sayaka Akimoto resigned as Team K leader back in October due to a scandal in which a much older individual had stayed the night at her apartment even though the circumstances regarding the guy staying at her place was innocent according to her.

Today saw Sayaka taking part in the Tokyo Marathon. She barely finished the course before the 7 hour time limit of the race came up. She did the course in 6 hours and 50 mins. Aki-P was suitably impressed with her effort and reinstated her back to her old position as Team K leader. I’m sure all of those in Team K are delighted with this news and so am I. I don’t think anybody else could have taken over and do as good a job as Sayaka.

But that’s not the only news about Sayaka. She will be a part of a new 4-member unit called DiVA alongside her best friend Sae, Ayaka Umeda and Yuka Masuda. The foursome will release their debut single sometime this coming Spring.

Sayaka To Run The Tokyo Marathon

27 01 2011

Team K’s Sayaka Akimoto is going to participate in this year’s Tokyo Marathon. She’s decided to run the race because of the scandal she had in October 2010 which made Sayaka relinquish her position as Team K leader (a position which is still yet to be filled). She wants a fresh new start in 2011 and to challenge hard tasks without running away from them. Sayaka is being trained by a woman who won a marathon in Greece in 2009. The race will be broadcasted live on Fuji TV at 9am on February 27th if you’re interested in watching it.

Good luck in the race Sayaka.

The Twin Towers Hold A Public Recording Of Their Radio Show

14 12 2010

Yesterday saw Sayaka Akimoto and Sae Miyazawa hold a public recording of their weekly radio show “AKB48, Akimoto Sayaka・Miyazawa Sae no Ukkari Channel” at Aqua City in Odaiba. This was the first time for them to hold such a recording and many fans flocked to see both girls. Two more AKB48 members (Mocchi and Haachan) were present as guests on the show. Sayaka and Sae must have enjoyed themselves as they want more public recordings in the future. Sayaka felt it brings them closer to their fans.

The radio show will be broadcast at 9pm on Thursday December 16th and 23rd on the Bunka Housou (AM 1134) frequency.