Takamina Meets JKT48 Members

6 10 2011

You might have probably read about this piece of news on other websites but Takamina recently visited 2 countries on a whistlestop trip. On October 3rd she arrived in Singapore which has a significant AKB48 fanbase and then the following day she jetted over to Jakarta, Indonesia where she appeared on a TV show and also saw how future JKT48 members are shaping up. She was suitably impressed by what she saw and hopes one day that AKB48 and JKT48 can perform together on stage.

Takamina also held a handshake event for 1,000 fans in a shopping mall which went down very well. Future trips by AKB48 members to Indonesia is a certainty.

It’s Official – JKT48

11 09 2011

Fans have been waiting for an official confirmation from Japan that JKT48 is real ever since news broke out that a new ooo group based in Jakarta was going ahead with auditions. There had been nothing stated about JKT48 in the Japanese media or by AKB management. By saying nothing, this only lead to speculation that JKT48 was a big elaborate hoax. Finally we have news about JKT48 and from AKB Theater Manager Togasaki who has posted an article in the AKB48 blog that JKT48 is real and will debut at the end of the year and they’re looking to start up other new 000 groups in other countries as well. The lineup for the group after the final auditions is being made mid October.

JKT48’s official Japanese website is http://www.jkt48.com/index-jp.html

Get Set For JKT48 – Indonesia’s Twin Sister Group To AKB48

23 08 2011

Aki-P wants to conquer Asia with his 48 group concept and now the first step to achieving this is underway. There were rumours last week that Indonesia had announced that JKT48, an idol group based in Jakarta was going to be formed but now it’s official. The new idol group is affiliated directly with AKB48 – this is a joint project by Dentsu and AKS. Many fans are questioning whether this project is real or not as there has been no confirmation by AKS and there hasn’t been any coverage by the Japanese media.

There will be 2 auditions – one session that’s already begun yesterday (22nd) and that runs to the 26th August and the second session will be from September 5th to 16th. Those that want to participate must be between 13 – 18 years old, of Indonesian heritage, beautiful, photogenic and talented. The audition process is scheduled to run until November where a press conference is scheduled to take place if things go according to plan. I don’t know if Aki-P himself will be directly involved and fly over to Indonesia to oversee the auditions. He’ll have some input I’m sure.

What every happened to Taiwan48 which was supposed to be happening this Summer? Is that project dead or will that be the next target for Aki-P?