How To Play Pachinko With The Sukeban Girls

11 10 2011

You read all about it on Sunday that Yuko, Kasai and Rena were going to team up in a new Pachinko game unit called Sukeban Girls. Now watch this specially recorded movie by a fan which has been uploaded on Youtube. It’s a video featuring the Sukeban Girls on how to play pachinko for those that have never tried it before. I’ve played pachinko once on my first trip to Tokyo in a parlour that was in one of Shinjuku’s backstreets and to be perfectly honest I didn’t have a clue what I was doing! Even the young man who was helping out in the parlour and was dressed like a shark complete with a shark cap on his head couldn’t help me out as we didn’t understand one another. Still it was great fun trying it out though I’ve never had another go. If any of you guys ever come to Japan please have a go at pachinko. At least you’ll be able to say you had the experience of playing it! You might not understand what the hell you have to do but it’s the taking part that’s the main thing.

Enjoy the video below.

AKB48 New Pachinko Game Unit

9 10 2011

Yuko Oshima, Tomomi Kasai and Rena Matsui have formed a unit for a new pachinko game. They will be called Sukeban Girls and apparently will have a big role in the concept of this new pachinko game.

As well as appearing in the game ‘Bikkuri Pachinko Sukeban Deka’, there will also be 2 special music PV’s. The first song ‘Tsupparu Riyuu’ will come up during normal gameplay but the second song ‘Tomo yo Yoake ni Machiawaseyo’ can only be viewed if the pachinko player meets certain conditions. Naturally all 3 girls will appear if you’ve won the jackpot. The main member and the one who gets more screen time in the game is Yuko. If you do manage to win something you can exchange the pachinko balls for some exclusive ‘Sukeban Girls’ special items. I’m not really sure if ‘Sukeban Girls’ will release any songs in the future or not?

I think these 3 would perhaps be fantastic in a new Sukeban Deka movie. We all know how badass Rena was as Gekikara. She’d be even more lethal with a razor sharp yo-yo in her hand!

Tomomi Kasai Diagnosed With Medical Condition

5 10 2011

Today saw Team B’s Tomomi Kasai announce to her fans on her blog that she’s having trouble with a medical condition called ‘pelvioperitonitis’. What the hell is this I hear you ask? Apparently it’s the membrane surrounding the uterus and the fallopian tubes that has inflamed for her. According to her blog, it was rather painful for Chiyuu which is why she went to the doctors but she’s having treatment for it and she should recover from it. Thankfully the condition was caught early but had she battled through the pain and soldiered on it might have become worse for her. The condition can even be life threatening if ignored so she’s lucky. I’m not sure if she’ll take some time off or not.

As this condition can also come about from a sexually transmitted disease, some fans have been quick to say that Chiyuu has started to live up to her ‘ero’ image a little too much!! I’m sure this isn’t the case with her at all!!

Get well soon Chiyuu.

Chiyuu Models Wedding Dresses

9 08 2011

Team B member Tomomi Kasai is starring in her 1st solo CM in which she’ll be modelling wedding dresses by fashion designer Ayana Sakai. Chiyuu took part in a press conference yesterday wearing a stunning outfit and stating that she wants to get married by the time she hits 30 years old. She further stated that she wouldn’t hesitate to leave AKB48 if she found somebody special she wanted to marry. Not even Aki-P could stop her is what she said. Her ideal man apparently is EXILE’s Atsushi. I don’t think she’d have any problems finding a man as I’m sure there are many of them lining up if they had a chance to date her but AKB48 rules clearly state that no member can date so that’s a no go for her…….unless she has a relationship in secret.

BTW the dress she’s wearing in the picture is probably more suited to going on a prom date than a wedding IMO.

Tomomi Kasai Has Appendicitis

12 04 2010

Last weekend the two Tomomi’s (Kasai and Itano) were taking part in an event at Nakano’s Sun Plaza to commemmorate their new single Love Wars and their association with Kamen Rider W with the fans. There were 3 sessions taking place and although Tomomi Kasai took part in the first and second she was in no fit condition to continue and be in the final event of the day so she taken to hospital. The diagnosis was she had appendicitis. Surgery took place and recovery is expected to take a week or so.  She will stay in hospital for 3 days. Tomomi Itano had to do the final event alone. According to official staff, Kasai has been unwell for a couple of days.

Some fans have been complaining that they paid good money to see both idols but only got one. Well that’s just tough shit. She’s not a damn cyborg, she is human after all and there’s probably no one more disappointed to let down her fans than Tomomi Kasai herself so give her a break. You’re lucky that she even came to do two events, at least she tried her best.

Get well soon Tomomi. I hope you feel better.

Itano & Kasai Unit – Queen & Elizabeth

21 02 2010

The two Tomomi’s (Itano & Kasai) are releasing a single together as a tie-in to their appearances on Kamen Rider W. The unit which is called Queen & Elizabeth are set to release their song called Love Wars on the 31st March. There’s already a preview of the song from an episode of Kamen Rider W (see below). It’s likely that Love Wars will be the only single the two will make together.

The Two Tomomi’s Join The Cast Of Kamen Rider Double

11 10 2009

It seems that AKB48’s Tomomi Itano and Tomomi Kasai will have semi regular roles on the newest incarnation of the Kamen Rider franchise – Kamen Rider Double. No details on their characters have been announced but we can start seeing them from the 7th episode onwards which is scheduled for a week today (October 18th). Seeing as I love watching Kamen Rider it’ll be interesting to see how well the two do in the series and if they’ll be on the side of good or evil.