AKB48/SKE48/SDN48 Sales Updates

30 11 2010

OK, let’s kick off with the two AKB48 singles that are still in the Top 40 of the Oricon Charts beginning with Heavy Rotation. It sold slightly more than last week and when I say slightly more I mean 70 copies. Heavy Rotation shifted 3,817 CD’s to bring the single’s total up to 705,836.

Beginner meanwhile sold 9,861 copies to bump up the figures for that single up to 940,114. AKB48 are coming closer each week to hitting 1 million. I can’t see them doing that before the end of the year but I definitely see them achieving it early in 2011. Usually after Kohaku Uta Gassen airs, sales of the participants involved skyrocket immediately and that is what I see happening with Beginner.

Don’t forget that next week, AKB48’s new single Chance no Juban is released. I will be very surprised if this does even better than Beginner. There’ll be some great sales figures on the 1st day but I doubt it will come close to Beginner’s phenomenal total.

Moving on to SKE48 who sold 14,104 copies of 1!2!3!4! Yoroshiku! to give the grand total so far in its 2nd week of release to 134,017.

And last but not least, how did debutants SDN48 do with GAGAGA? Whilst they may not have charted at no.1 in the weekly chart, they did extremely well to debut at no.3 with sales of 63,627 for the 1st week. Well done to them.

Check back tomorrow for the new Oricon Top 30 weekly chart.

SDN48 Holds Launch Event For GAGAGA

29 11 2010

Yesterday saw SDN48 hold a launch event for their single GAGAGA at Yomiuri Land Open Theater in Tokyo. Not only were the senbatsu members singing the lead song off the single, they were also joined by both Undergirls teams to perform the coupling songs off the GAGAGA CD “Eros no Trigger” and “Sado he Wataru”. All 3 teams totalling 36 members came together at the climax to perform “Kodokuna Runner” to send the fans home happy.

SDN48 Members Go Nude!!!

29 11 2010

Members of SDN48 have posed nude for this week’s Playboy magazine. The members picked for the shoot are the 12 senbatsu that debuted with their single GAGAGA. Naturally some eyebrows will be raised about this sexy photoshoot but that’s what SDN48 is all about isn’t it – being sexy and flaunting it!! Will you be buying this week’s Playboy just for the SDN48 piccies?

SDN48 Wows Their Fans In Osaka

28 11 2010

Yesterday saw SDN48 hold their first live event to celebrate the release of their debut single GAGAGA in Osaka. Performing 4 songs, the group had a fantastic reaction from 3,500 ecstatic fans.  GAGAGA will probably be in the Top 5 in the Oricon charts this week. After the opening day of sales which saw them hit the no.1 spot I was expecting them to stay in that position all week long but they’ve since dropped down to no 4 and no.5. For a new idol group, sales figures have been very healthy so well done to them all.

AKBingo Episode 111 (24/11/10) Summary

25 11 2010

This week’s AKBingo is a continuation from last week – a championship tournament to crown a new regular on the show from AKB48 members that have made the least appearances on the show. There’s a quick recap of why the tournament is happening. The usual AKBingo regulars are in the stands. The girls participating in the tournament are:

Sayaka Nakaya, Kana Kobayashi, Natsuki Sato, Mariya Suzuki, Rina Chikano, Mayumi Uchida, Miku Tanabe, Tomomi Nakatsuka, Misato Nonaka and Sakiko Matsui

See the previous episode’ summary for the tournament rules and the games that are played. When last week’s episode finished we had already lost Natsuki Sato and Tomomi Nakatsuka out of the 10 members and now we continue the musical chairs round. Who out of the 8 girls left will win the tournament? Find out below!

After a tussle over a chair with Chikano, Mariya Suzuki is deemed to be out. Chiyuu to chosen to ber opponent in an arse bumping contest. Chiyuu hasn’t got the best of records in this contest having been bested by Jurina in an episode during April 2010 so she isn’t happy doing this at all! Both girls are on a small platform with Chiyuu trying to outpsych Mariya but its to no avail as she’s bumped off the platform and loses. Mariya is back in the game.

Matsui Sakiko is the next eliminated and she picks the kanji writing battle game. Her opponent is Mocchi. The radical given is ninben (person). Both girls get 7 words correct so as its a tie there’s only 1 way to settle it – a round of janken! Mocchi wins so Sakiko is out of the tournament and we are down to 7 girls. 3 more need to be downed before the next stage is introduced.

Mayumi Uchida is out when the musical chairs game resumes. Yuko is her opponent so she decides on the 10,000 Step Calculation battle. The idea of the game is in 30 seconds they have simulate taking as many steps as possible with their legs (if I’m wrong with the game description please correct me). You can do this slowly or in the case of Mayumi and Yuko you can act like a complete spaz! A device attached to their heads will record the data. The result finds Mayumi with 397 but Yuko has done better with 493. Mayumi is gone.

With 6 girls left, who’s next for the chop? Misato Nonaka is eliminated and will face Shizuka Ooya in a costume battle game. The aim is to fit as many clothes as you can on yourself in 30 seconds. In a very tight contest, Ooya wins 5-4 so Nonaka is out. The girls are being eliminated very quickly in this episode.

Only 1 more girl needs to be out before the 2nd stage. Mariya is unfortunately eliminated for the 2nd time in this episode. She elects to go for the arse bumping contest but has she bitten off more than she can chew as her opponent is none other than the tenancious Miichan. It proves to be true as Mariya is powered off the platform. Oh crap, I really wanted Mariya to win!

That is it for the musical chairs stage and the 2nd stage can begin. The final 4 are Kana Kobayashi, Miku Tanabe, Rina Chikano and Sayaka Nakaya. This stage is a Loud Voice battle. Each of the 4 girls needs to shout a designated phrase into a microphone which records the decibels made by them. Takamina demonstrates how it works. Only 2 of the girls can go through. Up first is Miku Tanabe who records a 98.3, Nakaya gets 101.3, Chikano an impressive 102.2 and lastly Kana with 99.9. Kana and Miku are eliminated so we’re down to the final 2 girls.

The 3rd and final stage which will crown a new regular on the show is a water janken battle. This game involves a bowl of water placed in the middle of a table with both contestants sitting down and facing each other. If somebody wins their janken round they can throw the water at their opponent but they do have a sheet of plastic which they can pull up to protect themselves from getting wet. The girl that gets wet loses. A demonstration sees Ooya get drenched by Sata!! The final battle begins and in the first round sees both pulling their plastic sheets up. The 2nd round sees Chikano win but Nakaya pulls her sheet before Chikano can throw her water. The 3rd round sees the same result but the 4th sees Chikano proving too quick for Nakaya and she gets drenched. The tournament is over and we have a winner – Rina Chikano!! Well done!!

With the episode drawing to a close, we have a double PV preview of Chance no Juban and the coupling song Yoyaku Shita Christmas. I really like the coupling song a lot. Another great episode but I swear I saw a preview of Takamina doing the Russian Roulette game but I never saw it in this episode though.

Next week’s episode has another yankii battle between Yuko and Takamina.

Dream’ Last Original Member Set To Leave

24 11 2010

Kana during Dream' golden era

No sooner had I posted details about Dream’ new album which is coming out next week that I hear news that the last surviving original member of Dream – Kana Tachibana is set to leave at the end of the group’s next tour on February 11th. Kana has been with the group since its inception in 2000 and has stayed with them even with the other original 2 members leaving.

Kana said “”Even though I’ve been granted my childhood dream of becoming a singer, that’s not my goal. I still have a lot to study to become the person that I really want to be.” She still wants to continue singing but would rather do this on her own rather than be a part of Dream. It’ll be the end of an era when she leaves.

Oricon Top 30 Chart – Week 47

24 11 2010

30. CHiAKi KURiYAMA – Kanousei Girl
29. Momoiro Clover – Pinky Jones
28. Kiyoshi Hikawa – Nijiiro No Bayon
27. NEWS – Fighting Man
26. GRAPEVINE – Kaze No Uta
25. Girls’ Generation – Gee
24. Etsuko Yakushimaru – COSMOS vs ALIEN
23. Ken Hirai – Aishiteru
22. D – In The Name Of Justice
21. Yusuke – Hito
20. Ayahi Takagaki – Hikari No Fillment
19. Kana Nishino – Kimitte
18. Perfume – Nee
17. J Soul Brothers – Best Friend’s Girl
16. AKB48 – Beginner
15. Kazumasa Oda – Goodbye
14. Kara – Jumping
13. JUJU – Kono Yoru Wo Tometeyo
12. Ketsumeishi – Tatakae! Salaryman
11. Minako Kotobuki – Diary Wa Fortissimo
10. Satomi Sato – Drumming Shining My Life
09. Ayana Takekatsu – Over The Starlight
08. F.T Island – So Today…
07. Maki Ohguro – Anything Goes
06. Morning Musume – Onna To Otoko No Lullaby Game
04. Arashi – Hatenai Sora
03. Kobukuro – Ryuusei
02. SKE48 – 1,2,3,4 Yoroshiku!
01. KAT-TUN – Change Ur World