AKB48 Top 10 Members (December 2012)

31 12 2012

Yes I’m still alive just not posting much on this site that’s all.

Has it been 12 months since I last did a Top 10 AKB48 members list? During the last year, 2 members from my last list have graduated from AKB48 and gone to other groups. Sasshi has moved to Fukuoka to join HKT48 after her big scandal and Harugon has even moved country to China to be with Sae and SNH48.

Without further ado here’s my Top 10 countdown:


Wasamin 2012
2012 has been a phenomenal year for Wasamin. Not only did she debut with her first enka solo single which was fantastic but she also moved up the charts in the 2012 Senbatsu Election. With news that her 2nd single will be coming out soon, 2013 looks set to be an even bigger year for her.


Moeno 2012
I’m so happy that Moeno had her day in the spotlight when she became runner up in the janken tournament in September and got even more exposure by being in the senbatsu for Eien Pressure.


Minarun 2012


Yuichan 2012
Yui has been very busy in the past couple of months which has seen her make her debut with NMB48 on stage in which she’s now a member. I still wish they would have made another proper Bimyo series with Honmayan as Yui was so funny in those skits.


Takamina 2012
Takamina relinquished her job as Team A leader to become the overall boss of AKB48 (something she did unofficially anyway for the past couple of years!).


Paruru 2012
Paruru storms into the Top 5 from nowhere. She’d had one of the best years of her life in AKB48 what with having the leading role in Majisuka Gakuen 3 to winning the janken tournament in September and getting the center role in Eien Pressure in the process. Paruru looks to be quite a shy person and she might be the next ace that AKB48 are looking for after Acchan’s graduation. I agree with Takamina and Mariko saying that Paruru and Acchan are similar in nature. I don’t understand why she has so many haters. She’s an adorable girl with a sweet smile.


Yuko 2012
The new leader of Team K with some saying she was only given the role by Aki-P to make sure she wouldn’t graduate from AKB48. I can still see an announcement being made late in 2013 that she’ll be graduating to concentrate on her acting.


Mayuyu 2012
Mayuyu was Yuko’s close challenger for the no.1 spot in the senbatsu election this year. Could she make it to the top spot in 2013? She was made center for AKB48’s appearance in the Japan Record Awards and a part of Kouhaku. Perhaps she’ll even be center for a future AKB48 single which is something she’s been craving for.


Yuki 2012
I’m sure Yukirin felt hurt after being asked to move aside as Team B leader recently but as some fans have said was she really cut out to lead in the first place. Don’t get me wrong, she’s been great with Team B but I think with the pressure off her now Yukirin will enjoy her work even better. It’s brilliant that she’ll be debuting with her solo single in 2013 as she has such a sweet singing voice.

And still at No.1……….


Umechan 2012
My darling Umechan!! 2012 couldn’t have gone better for Umechan. Not only did she participate as a senbatsu member for a couple of singles this year, she was given the honour of leading Team B. I’m sure she’ll do a fine job as leader. Her TV profile has been on the rise lately and she’s becoming popular with the fans. What do you expect with her bubbly and cute personality! It’s been music to my ears to see her doing so well. Ganbarre Umechan and I hope you’ll be even more successful in 2013.