Jurina’s Absence From SKE48 Continues

3 04 2012

Jurina Matsui’s continued absence from work activities with SKE48 is starting to worry fans as no return date has been pencilled down for her yet. She missed two handshake events the other day. As I mentioned in a past post, Jurina has been feeling unwell for a while. She thought she was feeling OK recently but it looks like she overdid it again at the SSA concert. The announcement that she was also going to be working with Team K no doubt may have placed some more undue strain on her. I think the comments by SKE48’s Theater Manager that whenever Jurina hears loud voices or sounds she becomes ill is certainly a cause for concern. It has to be some kind of stress related illness.

I think that Aki-P should reconsider her temporary transfer to Team K and appoint somebody else. She is going to be pushed to the limits doing double duty and I’m worried that she’ll be ill once more and for a longer period of time if nothing is done. She’s overworked and totally exhausted the poor girl.

Please get well really soon Jurina.

Has Aki-P Gone Nuts?

24 03 2012

There’s been a couple of strange and shocking announcements on Day 2 of AKB48’s Saitama Super Arena concerts which doesn’t make any kind of sense at all.

The first announcement was straightforward enough. Team 4 is welcoming 5 new members into their ranks. The new members are:

Yuka Tano
Karen Iwata
Rena Kato
Juri Takahashi
Rina Kawaei

It was the other announcements that have left fans gobsmacked and wondering what the hell is Aki-P playing at.

Joining Team K is none other than………..Jurina Matsui of SKE48. Yes, Juritan is temporarily becoming a member of AKB48. Her workload will be doubled as she will continue to do activities for SKE48 as well. I was moaning the fact earlier on in the week about management giving her a break after what happened in Fukuoka and now they do this to her. Jurina was shocked as the announcement was made by Togasaki. I’m seriously worried now about her. I don’t care that AKB48 management have said that they’ll look after her and won’t overwork the girl but come on, she’s just 15 years old and you’re putting all this extra work on her. Captain Sayaka commented on Google+ that Team K is glad of having Jurina but they are worried about her health. Sayaka, Umechan, Yuko and the rest of Team K – look after Jurina well will you please.

Another new ‘temporary’ member to the ranks of AKB48 specifically Team B will be Miyuki Watanabe of NMB48. Again it’ll be the same arrangement as Jurina – double duty with both AKB48 and NMB48. This temporary transfer of the 2 girls is supposed to be a chance for them to learn from AKB48 members. Management haven’t said how long this transfer will last – a couple of months, 1 year, who knows?

I still can’t get my head around why Aki-P felt the need to do this?

Oh and I forgot to add as well that Team 8 will be formed soon!

Tomorrow is the final day of the Saitama Super Arena concerts. If today’s announcements were surprising enough, what will be in store tomorrow? I fear some graduation announcements. We’ll soon find out.

Did Jurina Have A Seizure During Fukuoka Performance?

19 03 2012

From a magazine article, it’s been reported that SKE48 member Jurina Matsui collapsed and had a seizure after a performance at the HKT Theater last month. It’s been said that Jurina hasn’t been well for a while and that the toll of having a busy workload finally caught up with her. She could barely move apparently after the final song at the show (her right leg had been strapped due to it feeling tight) and had to be physically helped off stage by the SKE Theater Manager and fellow Team S member Kanako Hiramatsu.

Is it too much to ask for somebody that’s only turned 15 years old to be given a rest sometimes. The girl’s schedule is punishing and probably Jurina herself wouldn’t want a bit of a break thinking it would cause problems but if she doesn’t then I’m afraid her health will suffer. She did take 3 days off to recover thankfully after this incident. Jurina has to know her own limits.

Please Jurina for your own sake, take extra care of your health and don’t do too much. You feel that as the center of SKE48 that you can’t let people down but you’re only human after all. The fans want to continue to see your smile and energy so if you’re not feeling well take some time out. It’s worrying me a bit as I’d hate for Jurina to be laid off long term.

Crazy Nut Threatens To Murder NMB48, Jurina & Kanon

27 01 2012

A sick and very disturbed individual posted a worrying threatening entry on Wikipedia that he would set fire to the NMB Theater tomorrow night at 7.15pm killing all of the NMB48 members and it’s audience and then turn his attention to SKE48 member Jurina by setting her school alight midday on Monday with her in it. But that’s not the end of it as there’s also a threat to Kanon Kimoto by torching her house as well. Whether this is a strange joke or not, it’s not very nice to see things like this and I hope management take precautions. You just cannot take threats like this lightly – there are weirdos around who would do something insane like this. I only hope police catch this person quickly.

UPDATE: NMB48’s show today passed without incident which I’m very relieved to hear about.

Jurina Matsui Falls Ill With Exhaustion

11 08 2011

It didn’t surprise me to hear this news considering she has a pretty tough schedule for such a popular member and taking in account how young she is but SKE48’s Jurina Matsui left a handshake event early at Yokohama yesterday due to falling ill with exhaustion. Those close to Jurina had seen this situation building up for a while and she was even absent from a SKE48 performance on the 9th August. She is currently back home resting on advice from doctors.

Get well soon Jurina and please don’t rush back. Take your time to recuperate and regain your strength.

SKE48 Member Jurina Matsui In Hospital

20 11 2009

Popular SKE48 member 12 year old Jurina Matsui has been admitted to hospital with pneumonia. Nobody knows how serious it is but she could be out for some time in order to recover properly. I’ll update when I get more information. Get well soon Jurina.

EDIT: The good news is Jurina has been discharged from hospital and is now back home recovering. I hope it won’t be long before she’s back on screen again.