Mikitty Involved In A Minor Car Accident!

10 06 2010

According to Tokyograph, Miki Fujimoto became the latest celebrity to cause a car accident which happened in the Omotesando area on June 2nd. She had stopped just behind a taxi on a red light when she accidentally released the  brake causing her car to move forward and bumping the rear end of the taxi. Fortunately for her no-one was injured. She released a statement today apologising for being so careless.

Is AKB48 Member Yuko Oshima A Pervert?

27 02 2010

This very funny clip from Downtown DX has Yuko being put on the spot after a letter is sent in to Hamada & Matsumoto regarding an incident at Ueno Station between Yuko and Kojima. I won’t spoil what the letter contains so just watch it. Miki Fujimoto also appears in the clip.

Miki Fujimoto Now Officially Married!

12 07 2009

Congrats go out to Mikitty and her comedian husband Shoji Tomoharu who got hitched on July 3rd in Hawaii but only got their formal marriage registration yesterday.  They held a press conference to tell the happy news. Damn you Miki, you should have waited for me!!!

Mikitty To Get Hitched!

24 03 2009

News is filtering through this evening that Miki Fujimoto plans to get married to her boyfriend Shouji Tomoharu sometime during the Summer. They’ve been together for 2 years and this was the main reason why she had to resign as leader of Morning Musume way back in May 2007 although she knew what she was doing at the time by admitting to the relationship.

I’m happy for her as Miki was my favourite in H!P for a long while as she was different from the rest of her peers. She didn’t conform to the usual idol traits. Add to that her mischevious behaviour during concerts by groping her fellow colleagues plus she had a great sense of humour. This made her so endearing to me.

She will look totally sensational in a wedding dress and her husband to be is one lucky man!