My Top 5 AKB48 Members Senbatsu Election PR Video

30 04 2011

You’ve already seen Sasshi’s PR video for the upcoming senbatsu election, now see the other ones from my Top 5 favourite members starting with:

Takamina (and her ridiculously big bow!!)

Yuko (in her seifuku)



I can’t embed her video in this posting for some reason so here’s a link instead:

So to make up for the fact that I can’t embed her video and I just adore Harugon’s cuteness, here she is with the rest of Watarirouka Hashiritai (before they added 3 members) with Shiroi Tulip:

SKE48 To Go On A National Tour

30 04 2011

Yesterday after they had completed the encore for their afternoon concert in Nagoya, SKE48 announced that they will go on a national tour which begins at the end of June. They’ll be hitting 6 cities in all including Sendai which is great as I think having them visit the city will bring a lot of joy for the people still recovering from the terrible events of March 11th.

Here’s the dates of the concerts:

  • June 27th and 28th in Nagoya
  • July 2nd in Tokyo
  • July 3rd in Sendai
  • July 5th in Sapporo
  • July 9th in Osaka
  • July 10 in Fukuoka

Sashihara Pride!

29 04 2011

This has been my favorite segment of Ariyoshi AKB Kyowakoku where Sashihara calls out Kojiharu to see who can come out on top in a series of silly challenges. I find these segments to be funny. Sasshi is definitely getting one of my votes in the senbatsu election. Here’s a selection of Sashihara Pride I found on Youtube.

EDIT: As the original links have now been deleted off Youtube I’ve replaced them with other Sashihara Pride videos.

Pride #1 –

Pride #2 –

Pride #3 –

Pride #4 –

Pride #5 –

Pride #6 –

Pride #7 –

Pride #8 –

Pride #9 –

Pride #10 –

Pride #11 –

Pride #12 –

PS – Here’s Sasshi’s senbatsu election video in which she pleads for your votes!!

AKB48 21st Single “Everyday Kachuusa” PV Preview

28 04 2011

This week’s AKBingo gave us a preview of the PV for AKB48’s upcoming new single. It features a dramatic slapping scene between Acchan and Sae. I quite like the look of the PV, it does have that summery vibe to it. The PV was shot on the island of Guam. Check out the video below:

Oricon Top 30 Charts 2011 – Week 17

27 04 2011

30 Eisaku Ohkawa – Takayama no Hito ~Shin Rokuon~
29 Park Hyun Bin – Shabang Shabang
28 SDN48 – Ai, Juseyo
27 Miyako Otsuki – Onna…Sasurai
26 Kaori Mochida – to
25 Not yet – Shuumatsu Not yet
24 Hiromi Yamaguchi – Yume Noren
22 Kuribayashi Minami / Mishima Akane, Seppuku Kurousagi – Choose my love! / Mousou Shoujo A
21 Kazuo Chiba – Kizunazake
20 Mitsuko Nakamura – Onna Kaze no Bon
19 SKE48 – Banzai Venus
18 Kamen Rider GIRLS – Let’s Go Riderkick
17 Hitomi Yaida – Doujou Mitai na LOVE
16 Aki Toyosaki – SHUN PU
15 nano.RIPE – Hana no Iro
14 AKB48 – Sakura no Ki ni Narou
12 Kou Shibasaki – wish
11 Tsuyoshi Domoto – Eni wo Yuite
10 MAXIMUM THE HORMONE – Greatest the Hits 2011~2011
09 Nana Mizuki – POP MASTER
08 Kiyoshi Hikawa – Ano Ko to Nogiku to Watashibune
07 Nana Mizuki – SCARLET KNIGHT
06 KARA – Jet Coaster Love
05 SUPER☆GiRLS – Ganbatte Seishun
04 B’z – Sayonara Kizu Darake no Hibi yo
03 SCANDAL – Haruka
01 Kanjani8 – T.W.L / Yellow Pansy Street

I’ll replace this video as soon as one that matches up to the chart comes up on Youtube but for now take a look at this fanmade chart countdown

AKB48 Revival Setlist Performances

24 04 2011

Those of you that are lucky enough to be in Tokyo from the end of next month to the middle of June will be interested to know that from the 24th May until the 12th June, AKB48 will holding special revival setlist performances of previous theater stages at the TOKYO DOME CITY HALL. All 3 AKB48 teams will be taking part in these performances. SDN48 and SKE48 Team S will also be performing previous stages as well.

The dates and theater stages are as follows:

* May 24: K5th “Saka Agari”
* May 25th: K4th “Saishuu Bell ga Naru”
* May 26th: H2nd “Yume wo Shinaseru wake ni Ikanai”
* May 27th: SDN1st “Yuuwaku no Garter”
* May 28th: A2nd “Aitakatta”
* May 29th: B3rd “Pajama Drive”
* May 30th: A5th “Renai Kinshi Jourei”
* May 31st: A6th “Mokugekisha”
* June 1st: K6th “RESET”
* June 2nd: A4th “Tadaima Renaichuu”
* June 3rd: B4th “Idol no Yoake”
* June 4th: A3rd “Dareka no Tame ni”
* June 5th: K2nd “Seishun Girls”
* June 6th: H1st “Boku no Taiyou”
* June 7th: K3rd “Nounai Paradise”
* June 8th: B5th “Theatre no Megami”
* June 9th: No Performance (3rd General Election Day)
* June 10th: S2nd “Te wo Tsunagi Nagara”
* June 11th: S3rd “Seifuku no Me”
* June 12th: A1st “PARTY ga Hajimaru yo”

Damn I wish I could see a couple of these performances!

Yukirin Sings Live On Music Fair

24 04 2011

Yukirin fans are going to be surprised when they hear her sing on the clip below from this week’s Music Fair. Yukirin was on the show with French Kiss to sing Kimi Nara Daijoubu but also she had a chance to duet with Tokunaga Hideaki for the ballad Ii Hi Tabidachi. I know that Yukirin has a great voice but she’s fantastic here. Never mind about Acchan going solo, Yukirin should be given a shot too. Check it out.