Harugon/Kikuchi – X-Game Movie Trailer

31 08 2010

If the thought of seeing two of your favorite idols being tortured make you feel a bit queasy then don’t look at the trailer below for the J-horror movie X-Game (Batsu Game). Harugon and Kikuchi are the 2 AKB48 members taking part in this extreme revenge movie along with somebody from the group D-Boyz. It looks nasty as hell! You have been warned!

French Kiss – Zutto Mae Kara PV

31 08 2010

Finally the full PV for French Kiss’ debut single Zutto Mae Kara has been made available on Youtube for everybody to see. It’s a nice PV revolving around a baseball team which is fitting really seeing as the song will be used as the ending theme for the 6th season of the anime MAJOR. Enjoy the PV before it gets taken down.

Super Enpou Tickets – Now Even Easier For Foreigners To See AKB48!

30 08 2010

With the rising popularity of AKB48, getting tickets to see their performances lately at the theater in Akiba has been getting increasingly difficult and frustrating for foreign fans visiting Tokyo but no more!

Announced yesterday is a new ticket specifically for those coming from abroad who want to see their favorite team and member. The ticket is called Super Enpou and check this out – if you win one of these babies you’re guaranteed a front row seat!! Yep, that’s right – 6 seats for each show around the stage left block area in the front row is just for us foreign fans which will make it better for us to interact with the girls and you know full well how they love to see us foreign fans at the theater.

So how do you get one of these tickets? Pretty simple. About a month before you land in Tokyo you’ll have to send an email to the AKB48 theater stating the dates you’re going to be in the city, your name, country of origin and which teams you want to see (in my case all of them!!!). It’s easy and it’s something I’ll be doing before I’ll be going to Tokyo in mid December. For further details head over to the Stage48 forums where there’s a thread about it: http://stage48.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=2521

Thank you Akimoto and AKB48 management for giving us foreign fans a golden opportunity to see our favorite idols up close and personal.

Why Has Sasshi Changed Her Name?

29 08 2010

I’m a bit confused as to why Team A member Rino Sashihara has decided to change her stage name over the weekend to Sashiko? It’s got to be a joke by her hasn’t it? Even her profile on AKB48’s website has been changed to reflect this. It all began with a CM for Heavy Rotation which you can see below. Will she say something on her blog in the next few days about how we’ve all been fooled by her and that she’s reverting back to her real name? It must be something to do with the 24 Hour Television charity event that’s taken place. Expect this ‘ inside joke’ to be revealed to everybody soon. There’s no way that this name change is permanent!

EDIT: It’s been revealed that it was a  joke after all by AKB48 management.  That puts an end to all this nonsense then. Thanks Melos for clearing it up. Panic over!!

Here Comes KNU23!!!

29 08 2010

No sooner had I posted all about KISS&KISS that I hear about another new idol group that’s going to be making their debut soon. KNU23 is their name and it consists of 16 gravure idols. Apparently the KNU part of their name has 2 meanings – “keep natural under” and the other one which made me laugh refers to “kyonyuu” – large breasts!!! It is said that all of the members are rather well endowed.

KNU23 is going to have a school theme with members being divided into 2 classes – “P” and “X”. What’s the significance of the classes being P and X? There’s even talk of a senbatsu election coming up to decide on between 5-8 members for the group’s “student council” of sorts.

KNU23 held their debut event yesterday in Tokyo stating their intention to hold live performances and release CD’s but no dates has been given yet as to when either will happen.

No Sleeves Album Release Postponed

28 08 2010

No Sleeves’ debut album which was supposed to hit the shelves on September 15th has been postponed for various reasons according to their website. They don’t explain what the reasons are – I don’t think they’d cancel because of the competition coming out the same day (NEWS album). I’m really disappointed with this as I was so looking forward to buying it. No new release date has been given yet. We’ll just have to wait and see when they’ll announce it which I hope will be soon.

AKB48 & Morning Musume To Collaborate On TV

27 08 2010

No, you’re not imagining it – Morning Musume and AKB48 will collaborate together on TV on the 29th when they’ll sing a medley of Ghibli songs on 24 Hour Television. I’m not sure if they’ll sing the same songs together but even so this will be an interesting thing to watch – two of the biggest Japanese idol groups in the past 10 years teaming up on TV. I can’t wait to see this and I hope there’ll be some interaction between them. This is sure to add more fuel to the fire on the war between the two sets of fans online!