AKBingo 29th September 2010 Summary

30 09 2010

We’re back with another edition of AKVegas in this week’s episode which was very entertaining and funny.

The 4 teams betting in this episode are: Kasai/Sumire, Sae/Moeno, Haruka Shimada/Miyu Takeuchi/Anna Mori and Kojima/Kiyoto.

The first game which is the same as last time is the Cosplay Obstacle Course and our participants are: Tomochin, Takamina, Mayuyu and Ami Maeda.

The betting goes like this:

Kasai/Sumire – Tomochin
Sae/Moeno – Tomochin
Shimada/Takeuchi/Mori – Ami Maeda
Kojima/Kiyoto – Takamina

And we’re away and the early going has 3 contestants neck and neck with Takamina lagging slightly behind for one good reason – Takamina is so tiny that she can’t grab the card from the dangling rope. This was funny!! But she comes back well. For the cosplay aspect of the game we have Takamina in a ridiculous monkey outfit which covers her from head to toe, Tomochin as a nurse, Mayu as an air stewardess and Maeda as a flamenco dancer.

Tomochin storms to the lead but is held up by iNaBA who prevents her from passing. Mayu is 2nd, Maeda is 3rd and last but not least is Takamina. iNaBA is proving to be a thorn to all the girls but especially to Mayu who is becoming more pissed off and frustrated. Oh shit, the tears are beginning to flow from her. This is one girl who does not like to lose. Tomochin eventually manages to barge her way past the guy to win the race with Mayu the runner up. It was completely unfair on Takamina as her costume stopped her from really competing – she got well and truly shafted big time. Still, it was hilarious to see. Miichan as dealer interviews Mayu who is still crying. Takamina in her monkey outfit tries to console her but is pushed away. A bit uncalled for by Mayu. Stop being a baby and take it on the chin for God sake!

Two teams score a point for correctly predicting the winner!

The 2nd game is a tug of war battle fought over a pool of chocolate (was it chocolate?)

The participants in this one is Myao, Shizuka Ooya, Sasshi and Sayaka. Suffice to say it’s pretty easy to say who will win this one!

The betting is as follows:

Kasai/Sumire – Sayaka
Sae/Moeno – Sasshi (eh what’s this! Sae not picking Sayaka!!!)
Shimada/Takeuchi/Mori – Ooya
Kojima/Kiyoto – Sayaka

They draw lots to see who faces off against each other before the winning two square off in the final. First is Myao against Sayaka and we have some trash talk before the contest. Sayaka bests Myao in this (you can’t outpsych Sayaka!) and the contest was pretty easy for Sayaka as well. The 2nd contest sees Sasshi taking on Shizuka Ooya. I so wanted Sasshi to win but she didn’t so in the final it’s Ooya vs Sayaka. An intriguing final which I thought would be a little bit difficult for Sayaka but it was over quickly. Sayaka wins without breaking sweat – Ooya flies into the chocolate pool! I don’t think anybody barring Sae perhaps could beat Sayaka.

This segment is over and we have Phrase Museum next between Akicha and Rena Matsui. Rena wins and after Akicha’s face is painted red by Kiyoto she gives him one of her death stares!

To end the show we have a PV preview of the Under Girls song on the next single which is called ‘Bake dake no value’. I like the song and the PV has a running race theme throughout it.

Next week – more fashion!

Oricon Top 30 Charts – Week 39

29 09 2010

30 Glay – Precious
29 Kanjani8 – LIFE ~Menomae no Mukou e~
28 Lau (Yusa Koji) – Houtounin, Roushou
26 Masaharu Fukuyama – Hotaru / Shounen
25 Ikimonogakari – Arigatou
24 KARA – Mister
23 Chuji Mikado – Ame Furu Hatoba
22 Mai Kotone – Cosmic UNIVERSE
21 Yuri Harada – Hida no Tsuki
20 Galileo Galilei – Yotsuba Sagashi no Tabibito
19 YUKI – Futari no Story
17 HO-KAGO TEA TIME – Gohan wa Okazu / U&I
16 ELEPHANT KASHIMASHI – Ashita e no Kioku
15 Kiyoshi Hikawa – Nijiiro no Bayon
14 Fujii Fumiya – Ima, Kimi ni Itteokou
13 AKB48 – Heavy Rotation
12 MUCC – Falling Down
11 Hilcrhyme – Travel Machine
10 Girls’ Generation – GENIE
09 The Gospellers – Ai no Shooting Star
08 UVERWorld – Qualia
07 Arashi – Love Rainbow
06 the Gazette – Red
05 Yui Hirasawa (Aki Toyosaki) – K-ON!! Image Song Yui Hirasawa
04 Mio Akiyama (Yoko Hikasa) – K-ON!! Image Song Mio Akiyama
03 EXILE – Motto Tsuyoku
02 Koda Kumi – Suki de, Suki de, Suki de. / Anata Dake ga
01 Ayumi Hamasaki – crossroad

A Snippet From Erepyon’s Final Performance

28 09 2010

Have a look at this tearjerking clip from Erepyon’s final performance yesterday at the AKB48 Theater. It really makes me feel sad watching it.

Goodbye Erepyon!

27 09 2010

Today marked the final day for Erena Ono as a member of AKB48. I can’t help but feel sad for the departure of one of my favorite members. Erepyon was an important team player for AKB48 and one of the original Team K members. I think her loss will be felt right through the group. I’m really finding it hard that she’s gone, it hasn’t hit me until now that she’s no longer a part of AKB48. I’m so disappointed that I never got to see her in action at the AKB48 Theater as part of Team K and never got a chance to shake her hand at an event.

In her final performance at the AKB48 Theater, new and old Team K members came to celebrate her last day.

Good luck in your future career Erepyon and I hope you become a great actress. I will definitely miss you a lot. Thank you for being in AKB48 and sharing all the great memories with the fans. You’ll never be forgotten.

Goo Ranking – Ideal Girlfriend (AKB48 Members)

25 09 2010

Goo Ranking (whatever that is?) held a survey for it’s readers asking which AKB48 member would make an ideal girlfriend for them. This is the result of that survey:

46. Chikano Rina
46. Nakatsuka Tomomi
40. Sato Sumire
40. Yonezawa Rumi
40. Umeda Ayaka
40. Uchida Mayumi
40. Kikuchi Ayaka
40. Nakata Chisato
35. Kobayashi Kana
35. Suzuki Mariya
35. Oku Manami
35. Fujie Reina
35. Katayama Haruka
25. Kasai Tomomi
25. Masuda Yuka
25. Hirajima Natsumi
25. Komori Mika
25. Ishida Haruka
25. Nonaka MIsato
25. Nito Moeno
25. Tanabe Miku
25. Matsubara Natsumi
25. Oya Shizuka
19. Kitahara Rie
19. Sato Natsuki
19. Sato Amina
19. Nakagawa Haruka
19. Kuramochi Asuka
19. Nakaya Sayaka
16. Matsui Sakiko
16. Maeda Ami
16. Takajyo Aki
14. Miyazaki Miho
14. Iwasa Misaki
12. Ota Aika
12. Sashihara Rino
11. Minegishi Minami
9. Miyazawa Sae
9. Akimoto Sayaka
8. Watanabe Mayu
7. Kashiwagi Yuki
6. Kojima Haruna
5. Takahashi Minami
4. Itano Tomomi
3. Oshima Yuko
2. Maeda Atsuko
1. Shinoda Mariko

I can’t say I agree with the no.1 choice because I would have chosen Yuko but each to their own I suppose. Who would you choose as your ideal girlfriend? Would it be your oshimen or somebody else?

AKBingo 22nd September 2010 Summary

23 09 2010

Today’s episode is another edition of the regular fashion collection they do each season with the camp fashion producer Koji Uematsu. This episode deals with the Autumn collection.

First situation for the 3 girls coming down the catwalk is a museum date with a sempai you like.

Kojima comes out in a once piece dress, red shoes, waistcoat with fake fur and brown bag. It wasn’t too bad I suppose but of course Uematsu liked it and gave his good points about her look with his stupid wand.

Up next is Kitarie with a casual but cool look. I prefer this to Kojima’s. She wore a white top, ripped jeans rolled up to the knees, brown shoes and brown bag. I liked how she looked but somehow I had a feeling that Uematsu wouldn’t like it. Kitarie looked a bit surprised with his comments.

The third to go down the catwalk for this situation is Lovetan who looked very cute in her clothes (one piece sky blue dress with a flower pattern on it, sandal shoes and necklace). Uematsu is an idiot as he doesn’t like it. A pity that Lovetan didn’t smack him in the face to shut him up.

And lastly we have Sayaka who has taken a bit of a battering from Uematsu before so how would she fare this time round? Sayaka had a nice simple look – white t-shirt under a light brown suede jacket, black trousers, maroon shoes, a heart necklace and a Hello Kitty bag. I should have known that Uematsu would slag her off again. He said she looked like a 40 year old. Sayaka made a fashion faux-pas – a stain on her white t-shirt!!!

Kojima wins this situation with Sayaka being called the worst. I would have picked either Kitarie or Lovetan – probably Kitarie in the end.

The 2nd situation we have is sakura viewing with your classmates and 3 girls will strut their stuff down the catwalk.

First up is Tomomi Kasai. Her look didn’t do anything for me (khaki waistcoat of sorts?, ripped denim shorts, cream top and some god damn awful boots that looked like the wool had just been ripped off some sheep). Uematsu loved it. Typical!

Next we have Sasshi who’s in a lace poncho (that’s what it looked like to me), checked hot pants, brown boots and a wooly hat. Sasshi looked good but Uematsu the twat thought not.

Last but not least is another girl who hasn’t fared very well by Uematsu in the past – Takamina. Out she comes as funny as always with her facial expressions. She has a white sweater, denim shorts, black shoes and a bag with a ghetto blaster design on the front. For once I agreed with Uematsu as he liked Takamina’s look. Takamina was also pleased.

Kasai wins the situation with Sasshi called the worst. I think Sasshi would have been the winner in my book. And thus ends the Autumn collection segment.

Yuko, Takamina and Acchan announce that the title of the next single is Beginner. Not sure if they were filming the PV or not during the announcement?

To finish us off this week we have 3 of the Research Students performing Miniskirt no Yosei live in the studio.

Next week: More AKVegas, Mayu crying for some reason and chocolate/mud tug of war!

NMB48 First Audition Phase

22 09 2010

The first audition phase to find the lineup for NMB48 is over and finished on September 20th. The number of girls that auditioned have been whittled down from 106 to 39 and their names are as follows:

Oota Riona
Ogasawara Mayu
Okita Ayaka
Kadowaki Kanako
Kawakami Rena
Kishino Rika
Kinoshita Haruna
Kinoshita Momoka
Kusaka Mayu
Kotani Riho
Koyanagi Arisa
Kondo Sara
Kondo Rina
Saito Mari
Shinohara Kanna
Jonishi Kei
Shiroma Miru
Suzuki Ayaka
Tanaka Rina
Tsukiyama Mami
Nishikawa Sari
Hara Mizuki
Hikawa Ayame
Hyoda Rina
Fukumoto Aina
Furukawa Miyuki
Matsuda Shiori
Maruyama Erika
Murakami Ayaka
Mori Ayaka
Mori Rei
Yasaka Minami
Yamauchi Ayaka
Yamagishi Natsumi
Yamaguchi Yuki
Yamada Nana
Yamamoto Sayaka
Yoshida Akari
Watanabe Miyuki

Here’s a video with a short introduction from the 106 girls that made it to the first phase.

I haven’t been following the auditions on the variety show Star Hime Sagashi Taro.