3 AKB48 Members To Promote Heart Bras

31 07 2011

Next Friday will see the fashion brand company Peach John announce which 3 AKB48 members will collaborate with themĀ  on promoting their heart bras! These satin bras have a unique heart shaped pad inside the cups to give more push up support to a woman’s breasts. The 3 members will not only promote these bras but also some sexy thongs and panties! Who do you think the 3 AKB48 members will be to promote these items – Kojima, Yuko, Yukirin?

Wall Picture Stolen From AKB Theater

30 07 2011

In a first for the AKB48 Theater, a picture has actually been stolen from the place. It’s not an actual AKB48 member picture that’s been nicked but one of Aimi Eguchi!! Somebody must be a real fan of her………..or it could be a hater that doesn’t want to see her face on the wall. How the person managed to take down the picture and sneak past the Theater staff is incredible. There’s an appeal for the thief to return the picture to the Theater. It would be a shame if security cameras have to be installed there because of one incident. It begs the question – why is her picture up on the wall anyway as she isn’t a proper member to begin with!

AKB48 Flying Get PV Pictures

30 07 2011

You saw that 2 of the CD covers for AKB48’s upcoming single “Flying Get” had an old skool kung fu movie look about it and it seems the PV is going for the same look as well. Has Aki-P been watching some old Hong Kong Shaw Brothers movies and wants to base AKB48’s PV for Flying Get as a tribute to those movies? Will there be some fighting amongst the girls in the PV? We’ll find out soon enough. Take a look at some pictures from the set of the PV below. The girls are all dressed up in chinese outfits and there’s also a picture of them in gold colored outfits. I love the pictures, they look great especially Rena and Mayuyu. I kinda like Mariko’s hairstyle too, it really suits her.

Gekikara Dunks Her Face Into A Cake!

30 07 2011

Today saw W Matsui (Rena and Jurina) appear on the variety show “Star Hime Sagashi Taro”. Rena had promised in a previous episode that if their single “Pareo wa Emerald” went to no.1 in the daily charts she would plonk her face into some tiramasu cake! Rena loves tiramasu a lot. Maybe she thought the presenters of the show (comedy duo Black Mayonnaise) had forgotten about her promise but they hadn’t! As she had celebrated her birthday a couple of days earlier, the duo and Jurina presented Rena with a tray full of tiramasu and asked her to put her face in the tiramasu. Rena not one to back down from a promise duly did that. Her face became imprinted on the cake. It did not stop her from eating it aterwards!

Watch the hilarious segment below. If you don’t want to watch the NMB48 segment just fast forward to 8 mins into the clip and then you’ll find Rena’s face dunking cake challenge!

SDN48 – Min Min Min Full PV

30 07 2011

August 17th sees SDN48 release their 3rd single “Min Min Min” and the full PV for the single has now been unveiled. You’ve seen a small preview for it a while back here.

The PV has the girls dressed in silver outfits with small wings on their backs in a large cage. I’m not that keen on this single compared to the other two they’ve released.

I don’t need to tell you that this will disappear soon from Youtube so please watch it while you can.

AKB48 Spots Lotion CM

30 07 2011

Having problems with spots on your face? Let AKB48 sort it out with some Hythiol-B lotion. Mariko. Yuko and Kojima have taken part in a new CM for the product which is a hand lotion that stops spots in it’s tracks. Check it out below:

AKB48 Flying Get CD Covers

29 07 2011

You’ve seen the tracklisting for AKB48’s upcoming single “Flying Get” and finally the CD covers have been revealed. Type A and the Theater Version CD cover looks like a poster for an old 70’s kung fu movie!

Type A

Type B

Theater Version