Aki-P Confirms Sakiko Matsui Piano Album

24 02 2012

I had a feeling that Sakiko Matsui would get a chance to record a piano album after wowing fans with her skills recently and that has now been confirmed by Aki-P himself in a post on Google+. No date has been set for the release only that it will come out sometime during the Summer.

So what can we expect on the album? Apparently some instrumentals of AKB48 songs, the Google Citizens theme song (whatever that is?) which will be African tribal/ethnic music styled track, the ggrks Theme Song (again I have no idea what ggrks means). If it’s something to do with Google+ then that’s possibly why I don’t anything about it. I don’t bother with Google+ at all. Another track confirmed for the album is Passion Theme song. We’ll get the full tracklisting I’m sure in due course.

Famed Japanese composer Hattori Takayuki of such anime as GTO, Nodame Cantabile and Martian Successor Nadesico will compose and arrange the tracks. The CD cover will be made by the newly formed AKB Art Club which has Haachan as the President where members of the club will submit their works of art which is scheduled to be shown at a AKB48 Art Exhibition in June (more details to follow).

I’m looking forward to this album. Having seen Sakiko perform on Youtube she is no doubt a very talented pianist.


Sakiko To Get Her Own Album?

10 01 2012

If Aki-P gets his own way, Sakiko Matsui will release her own piano album soon. If any of you remember Sakiko at AKB48’s Kouhaku tournament, you’ll know just how fantastic she is in playing the piano. On the 7th January edition of the TV programme TEPPEN, Sakiko got the opportunity once more to wow AKB48 fans into how amazing she is on the piano which you can check out below by playing Every Little Thing’s Time Goes By. Aki-P has been so impressed with her skills, he is seriously thinking about releasing a piano album by Sakiko. I’d definitely buy that. The trio of French Kiss was also on the show to give her moral support.

Sakiko Matsui In Short Murder Mystery Story

1 08 2011

Team K member Sakiko Matsui has appeared in a very short murder mystery segment on Youtube courtesy of tech gadget magazine GetNavi. The plot sees Sakiko as an assassin for hire who shoots a young man and has to go on the run. As I can’t understand Japanese all that well I’m not sure how it ends except there’s some riddles to be solved and something about 2012?

Have a look and perhaps somebody can tell what’s going on?