AKB48 – Seishun to Kizukanai Mama PV

31 08 2011

For those still lamenting the end of Majisuka Gakuen 2, here the full PV for the beautiful ED theme song Seishun to Kizukanai Mama. I love this song so much more than Yankee Soul. The PV features clips from the drama plus some behind the scenes footage.

Majisuka Gakuen 2 was an improvement over the 1st series but I absolutely hated the anti climatic ending. The series was building up for an epic finale and I really did enjoy the first half of the final episode but then everybody finally realise that they shouldn’t be fighting and they become friends with each other. It was a huge disappointment for me. I wanted it to end on a cliffhanger of sorts with perhaps just a hint that there could be a 3rd series but that lookly unlikely now. I would like to see more though. I’m sure there’s one more storyline waiting to be told at Maji High.

In the meantime, enjoy the PV and relive the memories of the drama.

AKB48 – Seishun to Kidzukanai Mama Radio Rip

7 08 2011

A radio rip of one of AKB48’s b-side tracks for their new single ‘Flying Get’ has been uploaded on Youtube. ‘Seishun to Kidzukanai Mama’ was used as the ending theme for Majisuka Gakuen 2 and I actually prefered this to the opening theme for the drama ‘Yankee Soul’. I’m looking forward to seeing the PV for this as it was have no doubt have a Majisuka Gakuen theme to it. Just listening to this song makes me think about the drama.

Majisuka Gakuen 2 Just Got Even More Dramatic

13 05 2011

Don’t worry for all of you that have not seen the 5th episode of Majisuka Gakuen 2 yet because I’m not going to spoil anything for you. You will not want to miss out on it that’s for certain. What you’re going to see is one of the most dramatic episodes to date with one hell of a twist right at the end. I was in so much shock as the end credits rolled. This drama is just going from strength to strength with so many twists and turns. Drop everything guys and go watch it. You will not be disappointed. Damn, now I have to wait another 7 days for the next episode!!!

Majisuka Gakuen 2 – Thoughts On The Unfolding 2nd Season

7 05 2011

I expect most of you will have been glued to your PC’s either watching Majisuka Gakuen 2 live on Japanese TV or waiting for the subbed version of each episode to appear on the internet. The 2nd season has more than surpassed my expectation and it’s a lot better than the 1st season. There’s a more complex storyline rather than each week seeing Acchan kick the shit out of an opponent (not that it wasn’t fun to watch!). So here’s some of my thoughts about what I’ve seen so far:

What is Acchan doing? She’s keep popping those sakura leaves into her mouth and acting like a drugged out zombie yet she’s seeking out punks on the streets just so she can get her kicks whilst beating the crap out of them. It’s only a matter of time before she snaps out of it and returns to Maji High to sort the crisis there.

Where have the twin sisters of Yuko disappeared? They appeared briefly at the end of episode 1 and throughout episode 2 with a message for Acchan but haven’t been seen in episodes 3 and 4. You’d think if they were so desperate to see Acchan that they’d look for her on the streets. They’ll be back – count on it.

Nice to see the loli Shanshou sisters return in episode 4 but was it me or weren’t they the force they were in the 1st season. Maybe it’s because Maachan was missing. They were ruthless as the Triangle Of Terror. I wasn’t expecting Gakuran of all people to beat them. I hope they make another appearance soon because they’re creepy as hell.

Who would have expected Shibuya to shift her allegiance to Yabakune? That was a total surprise for me. I understand her reason for wanting revenge on Acchan but to see her change school and align with the enemy – it was unexpected but I do like seeing her command an army of subordinates and using poor Kuumin (Dance) as a punching bag (although it looks like she’s enjoying it judging by the smile on her face). I suspect we’ll see the former Queens return to sort her out real soon. I can just see the expression on her face as Sado confronts her. I hope this really happens.

Nezumi is proving to be a bigger devious bitch than before. I can only congratulate Mayuyu because she’s fantastic as the character. I really enjoy watching her. Jurina as Senta is being used as a pawn in her power games and she’s too stupid to realise what’s going on. It’s going to be a big shock for Senta when she finds out though as she’s admitted that she likes Nezumi.

Gekikara is without a doubt the best character of the 2nd season so far in my opinion. Trying to suppress her natural psychotic behaviour as a promise for Yuko, I’ve just been waiting for her to cast off her shackles and kick major league ass. It seems that going to happen in next week’s episode after the shocking and cowardly beating of Gakuran at the hands of Yabakune. That was heartbreaking to watch. I thought Gakuran was dead but from the preview of episode 5 she’s still alive. I don’t understand why Gakuran would go alone to Yabakune knowing full well that Shibuya would be shielded by her subordinates. There was no way in hell that she could go through the whole school to get at 1 person however good a fighter she is, it was like a suicide mission.

Team Hormone – they try to be so tough but when it comes to the crunch they’re rather weak. I’d like to see them just for once come out on top and win a fight especially as they have a motive for revenge with Bungee getting destroyed by Shibuya’s 4 trusted lieutenants.

Otabe (Yui Yokoyama) – no opinion on her so far as she hasn’t done anything of significance. Apart from trying to stop Gakuran from storming off to face Yabakune which didn’t work, the new leader of Rappappa seems to be sitting tight and waiting for something to happen before she takes some action. Is she waiting for Acchan to return and then ask for her help?

So that’s what I’ve got to say at this moment. I’ll probably make another post after watching a couple more episodes. I’m seriously enjoying Maji 2, it’s the highlight of my week…..counting the days down until I see a new episode. Rather sad isn’t it!!

Majisuka Gakuen 2 Episode 1 – The Verdict

18 04 2011

So what did you guys think of the 1st episode of the 2nd season? I know we can’t expect everything in the first episode as it’s only an introduction but I hope the story arc for the season starts to kick in soon. The episode was more comedic than serious but it’s bound to change. Overall I liked it.

So what else did I like and what didn’t I like:

The new OP theme – it’s OK, not half as good as Majisuka Rock n Roll. The ED song thankfully is an improvement but from reading other forums not a lot of fans like it.

What the hell have they done to my favorite character Gekikara (or Amakuchi as she’s known now)? A shadow of her old self but judging from the next episode she’ll be back to her evil self once more and kicking Jurina’s arse……..but please don’t make her lose. That will kill the aura of the character if ‘The Special One’ of all people beats her.

Two Yuko – what’s going on here? Ghosts, hallucinations or twin sisters?

Sae as Youran – cool as ever!

Team Hormone – one of the more positive things from the 1st episode. I loved the entire unit in the first season and it looks like they’re going to be just as awesome again in the second season. Mikapon’s character said more in this episode than the entire last season!!

Team Fondue – I can’t say I’m enthusiastic about these lot but that might change. Fresh Lemon looks out of place as a yankee although I won’t complain if she starts headbutting people! And I do like Mina Oba ever since seeing her on the last couple of AKBingo episodes. She’s great.

Miichan as Shaku – annoying as hell. I hope Shaku’s involvement is scaled down in future episodes. I didn’t like the knowing looks to the camera. I can’t believe I’m gonna say this but she’s even more annoying than Nachu’s character Daruma.

Yui Yokoyama (Otabe) – I’m getting fed up to the back teeth of this girl getting forcefed down our throats in everything. I don’t care if Aki P thinks she’s going to be the next ace or not. I’ve never seen any member being pushed so much as her. So Yui’s character is the new leader of Rapapa. Not impressed.

It was nice to see what the former Queens of Rapapa are now up to – Black with a baby and working at the checkout, Sado has a job at the hospital, Shibuya being lazy in her IT job and Torigoya as a masseur!

Nezumi – I was surprised to see her fight in this episode. I still prefer how she was the master manipulator in the previous season and not involved in any of the actual fighting but I did enjoy seeing her kick ass and now she’s recruiting former members of Rapapa to her cause. I guess she’s going to be the major villain in this season with Jurina her 2nd in command.

‘The Special One’ Jurina Matsui. I loved bad ass Jurina. She’s fantastic as a yankee and it was funny seeing her burst in on Team Hormone’s eating session and opening a can of whup ass on them.