Mariko Shinoda – The Latest Senbatsu Member To Fall Ill

10 02 2011

As I reported last week, Tomochin and Acchan had to withdraw from a handshake event due to overwork and exhaustion.  Now, yet another senbatsu member has fallen ill. Mariko Shinoda today pulled out in the middle of the AKB48 x Serend collaboration launch event due to not feeling too well. You’ve got to wonder how many more members are going to drop down ill. I hope this is a wake up call to AKB48 management not to push them too much or are they too obsessed about making money to care for the girls’ welfare. They’re so overworked right now – promoting their new single and filming for Majisuka Gakuen 2.

Note to AKB48 management – none of the members will be any good to you if they’re constantly ill.

EDIT: Mariko revealed on Twitter that it was food poisoning that was behind her leaving the event early. She had been suffering from stomach ache since the morning. After going to hospital for treatment, she recovered quickly.

Also at the same event, Tomochin and Acchan apologised for being ill last week.



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