Takamina’s Mother Arrested For Having Sex With A Minor

8 02 2012

Nearly 2 weeks has gone by and the latest scandal involving an AKB48 member has reared it’s ugly head. Be aware that this scandal does not directly involve Takamina – she’s not in the wrong at all. AKB48’s leader Takamina has been left deeply embarrased after her mother was arrested for an indecent act with a 15 year old boy! When reports first came out, it was only said that the mother of a 20 year old AKB48 member had been arrested but the weekly magazine Shukan Bunshun went even further and printed that it was Takamina’s mother.

It is said that a senior classmate of Takamina’s 15 year old brother made advances towards her mother and thus begun their illicit relationship. The boy in question was involved with 2 others in beating up a classmate. When they themselves were arrested, it was then he blurted out he was having a relationship with an older woman to the cops. He had also been boasting around to his friends that he was having sex with Takamina’s mother. She has admitted to committing a sexual act on the boy last November at her home of all places in Hachioji, Tokyo but she said that she was forced to do it. There was a possible threat made against her son that unless she had sex with him he was going to be beaten up. It is also alleged that both of them went to love hotels! She doesn’t face jail but more likely a fine of 500,000 yen.

Fans are beginning to worry that Takamina could quit AKB48 because of this shameful slur on her family’s name but I doubt that very much. She’ll get a rough ride from the media over the coming weeks that’s for sure – they’ll want to know every little sordid detail about this but Takamina has to stay strong and with support from her friends in AKB48 she’ll get through it. There is no way that any member in AKB48 would allow her to quit. However, on saying that Takamina could very well leave AKB48 for a while until this blows over. It’s unfortunate with GIVE ME FIVE being released next week and there’s going to a lot of heavy promotion to do. It’ll look odd if they do the round of music shows without the lead guitarist in Baby Blossom.

AKB48 fans have bombarded Takamina’s G+ pages with over 10,000 messages of support which is nice to hear.

EDIT: For those that want to know what Takamina’s mother looks like, here’s a piccy of when she appeared on the TV programme Mujack.

If there’s any more developments on this, I’ll update this post.



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8 02 2012

And the big question remains: is her mom hot? =)

8 02 2012

Take a look for yourself on the updated post on this story as I’ve added a picture of her!

8 02 2012

Imo, I think that delinquent boy is just trying to get more notoriety. No offense to Takamina’s mom.

8 02 2012

Wow – Takamina’s mom looks like her!

But I can’t believe this happened. But isn’t if it sexual activities involve a minor and a regular citizen – isn’t it always the regular citizen’s fault even if they plead that they were threatened and raped? It would always be considered that the minor was raped.

That’s at least how it is in my country.
Not saying she should be arrested – I’m just trying to get enlightened on the situation!

My thoughts go out to Takamina. I hope she’s alright and spending some time with her brother. This must be really hard on both of them – especially since takamina’s part of the current biggest idol group in japan.

9 02 2012
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13 02 2012

ilove you takamina dont wory

16 02 2012
Asuka Inverse

any news about Acchan who threw a hot drink to 2 akb members because they were saying nasty things about Takamina (because of he mother) ? I wonder who these 2 girls are ^^’

16 02 2012

I believe this is a false rumour that is flying around. I mean, could you see Acchan trying to hurt somebody with a hot drink. If she wanted to defend Takamina I’m sure she would shout at them more than throw a hot drink. If there’s a hint of truth in this rumour then those 2 members should be ashamed of gossiping about the mother of their leader. It’s not Takamina’s fault at all so good on Acchan if she had to defend her friend.

20 03 2012

If this is true,i don’t think that acchan was right or wrong by done those things but i’m with acchan temper because me also when i’m in high temper, i couldn’t imagine what can i do especially when i know that i am right,but at least only hot drink. I felt sorry for those girls but i’m on takamina side.^^

20 03 2012

In my country was opposite..we are following the government and religions policy. In my religion woman is always victim(right) when the issue is related to sex(love)..then in gov. policies of course they will called it a child abused..then if you have business or you have job under the gov. your not allowed to work any of that, until the investigation not clear or done for being accused, but because of were democracy country you’re giving a chance to defend your self by getting a lawyer. Then go on etc.

Remember:age doesn’t matter sometime when it’s come to love topic!!!

22 03 2012
Noemi DrumsQueen

I really, REALLY hope that now Takamina is feeling better, because she doesn’t deserve all this s**t. And even if the story about Acchan is true, she did well!

18 07 2012

Who cares about that , im fall in Love with Takamina , not her mother .
By the , i wonder what in her mind when she do that , (Takamina Mother) .

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